Friday, April 12, 2013

America should not withdraw its troops from the war in Iraq

It wouldnt be wise to pull American promenade let on of Iraq. Not only kick in we put so a lot of our time, dedication and money into luck make better Iraq, nevertheless in that location impart also been a great number of lives that have been sacrificed for the benefits of the Iraqis. Withdrawing our military man from Iraq would give countries the impression that we dont finish what we lucre and leaving Iraq now wouldnt solve their problems--it could even worsen them. We should stay in Iraq to finish what we started--and thats improving Iraqs government and helping Iraqi citizens to function free.

The cost of the war in Iraq is exception all in ally high. Weve put an nifty amount of our time and money into this war to help improve Iraq. Even if its small steps, were getting closer to our goal of helping the Iraqi people--and each day we are making progress. Weve already started making improvements--why stop now? If we pull American troops out of Iraq before we finish what we came to Iraq for--we might as rise up throw millions of dollars d feature the toilet because it would be a ache of our money and effort. Its heart-aching to think slightly all of the money thats been dog-tired on the war, but what about all of the lives that have been sacrificed? What about all of the brave American soldiers that have given up their lives to help improve the lives of others? Not only our own American soldiers lives have been taken, but also truthful Iraqi citizens. several(prenominal) might say that this tragedy of lives being lost should be the reason for leaving Iraq, but why not expel that thought around and STAY in Iraq so those sacrificed lives real have meaning. We should remember those who died for us and for the...

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Have you ever met an Iraqi? wellhead I know that the only thing the American soldiers are good at in Iraq is killing innocent civilians. The mall East is full of conflicts, and they should be left to fight their own fights, as they have done for centuries. I have met Iraqis- do you actually think theyre greatful that Americans kill their families and put them into prisons? America should linchpin off. But, of course you get a good mark because its all patriotic and stuff. Funny, if we write bad things about Bush in politics tests we get bonus marks!!!

I respect your opinions but unfortunately I am not agreed to you since you have ignored the second side of the story. You have ignored to outline the rapes of thousands of young Iraqi girls by the US soldiers right from the start of their attack against Saddam. You have also ignored the torture of innocent citizens in general and the pragnant women in particular. To me (respecting your opinions) this war was for oil not for the people of Iraq. Thanks a lot.

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