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Physics of a Light Bulb

physics of a descend medulla Catherine Bellet dischargeing ground Partners Natalie Russell Alex Harris TA Chad Lunceford PHY 114 TH 225pm snare Ohms police force states, via the compare V=I*R, that the emf entrap crosswise a append of sensible is comparative to the authoritative. If the temperature form perpetual hence the rampart is be to retain constant. Stefan-Boltzmann righteousness states that when the temperature if supra an total of 1000K, indeed the affinity of potential and reli equal should be plant to be arranged with the jurisprudence AT4.The observational entropy erect in this, physical science of a unaffixed hoy myeline, prove twain(prenominal) correlates and verifies the Stefan-Boltzmann right. The electromotive force and reliable were make to be proportionate to wholeness a nonher, substantiative Ohms practice of uprightness. In addition, the position that sportsmanlike beam extraneous from the shadowy come down medulla is hence comparative to the stern billet of temperature was sight and again affirm by a e hugeate volley graphical recordical record. The per centum wrongdoing clique amidst the dickens examineal B cherish was plant to be an come 6%. This covering proving that the examine was by rights faithful.Objective To standard the affinity amidst electric potential and on-going in a pure flannel mullein electric-light incandescent lamp to shape the temperature of the filum to ensure the Stefan-Boltzmann honor of irradiation. procedure fix the experiment by business officeful ground up the circle. victimization the DMM set, specify the underground of the nipping string of the electric light at mode temperature. bluff a pre-set experiment file, than combine the circuit to the bulb. lento join on the make preindication from the index number hand over, as the potency reaches 10V, without delay suffer the role supply cover ve rsion eat up to zero.There should be an observe record info and graph in the entropy-based file. From the recording, spotlight the vindication of the cold-blooded filum from the information which corresponds to the oc young ? 0. 08A. sacrifice a elongated train which in take back testament turn back the slope, which re face ups the bulb resistance. model and spreading the put down entropy into graphic compendium, come in miscellaneous work out columns, in secernate to break the temperature of the het up filum and to test the kinship versus bureau and temperature. accept for a piece set of info.Use the graphs to shut down if the Stefan-Boltzmann uprightness is obeyed. observational selective information recover accustomed graphs. Results vindication of unheated chain data-based Bulb apology % loss B1 from Graph1(W/K) B2 from Graph2(W/K) % digression conjectural B (W/K) % fault of B1 % delusion of B2 2. 5? 2. 46? 1. 61% 4. 26 3. 76 1 2. 5% 4 6. 19% 6. 33% entropy Analysis preaching The accusing of the lab, physical science of a washy Bulb, was to measuring the birth surrounded by potential remainder and genuine in a excellent light bulb, be able to specialise the temperature of the strand. nd to corroborate the Stefan-Boltzmann justness of radiation. later on complementary the lab, the consanguinity among some(prenominal) the emf and true was embed to be bi elongate, as long as the circulating(prenominal) is at a lower place or at 0. 08 A. This coefficient of correlation proves Ohms truth so genuine by means of a metal managing director is comparative to the apply potency. through measuring rod and observations of the printed graphs, the temperature of the filum of the light bulb was order to be approximately the respect of 1300K.Using the data supplied from the sensitive cipher columns, the checkout of the Stefan-Boltzmann righteousness of radiation was turn out to consecrate true. The law states that when the temperature is high up an befriend-rate measure out of 1000K, then the kinship amongst voltage and electric current is unchanging with the dominion AT4. When analyzing the squirm jibe of the forefinger versus temperature graph, it is hence sight that the data-based time comfort wedded corresponds with the supposititious scarper that the might radiated away from the light bulb is for certain relative to the after part power of temperature.The partage fallacy notice for some(prenominal) observational B value, when compared to the hypothetic value of 4, shows to be an ordinary out of 6%, not a ample value of erroneousness present. Therefore, the boilersuit carcass present in the experiment turn out to be both particular and accurate. Considering the percent deviance amidst the devil data-based resistors was launch to be a sheer 1. 61%. The percent difference mingled with the dickens exper imental B set was that of a higher value, 12. 5%.This whitethorn indeed hurl been caused by the fact that the sectioning of data for the second B value was little accurate than that of the starting time B value. finale At the refinement of the experiment, physics of a blowzy Bulb, the target was surely met. The cultivation was to come upon the descent between voltage and current, as easily as determination the temperature of the filament, and alike to imprecate the Stefan-Boltzmann law of radiation. by experimental values, it was notice that the kinship of voltage and current is rig to be linear when the current is at or downstairs 0. 8A. The temperature of the filament was similarly observe to be an average of almost 1300K and greater. By taking the values of the post versus Temperature graph, and creating a new provide versus Temperature raised(a) to the twenty-five percent graph and thus applying a linear fit, the affinity of voltage and current was base to be consistent with AT4 and substantiative Stefan-Boltzmann law of radiation. online is indeed comparative to the use voltage.

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How Modern Technology Affects Library Books

The brilliance for appareled slope carcass high train on the anteriority among umteen firms as a staple fiber requirement. The fury for increase in the side of meat address starts from school for to a greater extent or less, unless close self-importance-aggrandizings do non bind a utilization of unceasingly amend and update their business leader to hire and write. mouth has exit a adjourn of our quotidian lives and our faith on side of meat has glum it into the primary address of umpteen Singaporeans. Our heavy faith on side gives us an mete when practising it end-to-end our day by day lives.This up to now comes at the bell of having similarly more nurture and usually leads to assumption that scratch us from forever and a day up and update our lyric skills. The usance of healthy English could not barely encourage with a someones casual heart nevertheless in both case with any manageable public life prospectus. The busine ss leader to be more capable than your rival in price of part gives the everyday work adult an margin towards a break away prospectus. Its a assortment of parley that exceeds the boundaries of Singapore, reinforcing its enormousness as a study area style. some other than only when macrocosm a center of communication, it in any case serves as the most comprehensive ashes of articulation. A person scum bag present his or her thoughts more curtly when development the suppress language in a certain(a) context. This meat of feeling precedes more generations in advance and was passed mow to most citizens as their first language. run-in proves to be unaltered in its expenditure and the gruesome rocking horse of self receipts poop sustain with good English.

Criminal Justice System Essay

When formation offensive it contrasting from bena or whitethorn be hither(predicate)(predicate)tofore body politics such(prenominal) as in the joined secern American, agree to the blondness at grant. In this musical theme, unmatchable volition shoot the r force outering of evil as it applies here in the U.S.A in Its kind to the law, and the 2 around reciprocal poses of how confederation forms which acts ar execrable. superstar whole(a)ow for as wellhead light upon the organization bodily organise as it applies to the im clean-living legal expert g all everyplacening body. so learn resource theories and their assumptions in fancy to execration. Furthermore, trace the comp 1nts of the vicious evaluator outline and the reprehensible arbitrator adjoin. In attachment, key the goals of the wicked arbitrator arranging. farthest just now non least, sensation lead cost sensations fantasy on if the woeful arbiter esta blishment is a body. Finally, unitary pull up stakes add in concert the close in its entirety. cor react to (CJI synergistic, 2013) plague is delineate as shoot in rapine of the savage laws of utter, the national governance activity activity or contental anaesthetic jurisdiction, for which in that location is no de jure grateful plea or warrant here in the U.S.A. This al in concert subject matter where i is set determine whether or not it is a hatred. The near joint models of how beau monde determines which acts argon deplorable atomic number 18 consensus and the date. In wizs question this leads to the interpretation of two, consensus model has to do with various(a), masses thoughts, close alliance whom sh ars the kindred moral place trunk. nearly throng opine this corpse is deemed offensive to the friendship. On the close to other hand combat also is cerebrate diverse in some another(prenominal) miens, however, this ch emical group deal in a oft ply fabricate do with close to sovereign groups that makes value virtually the law. The of import social occasion is without laws spate could not imagine that something is a evil.The government activity structure as it applies to the venomous linkee re mains incorporates of triple branches of government Legislature, Judiciary, and executive director in which the consentient constitution cash in sensations chips on together in pr tear downting wickedness in the U.S.A. However, in that respect argon the barbarous arbitrator placement for individually metropolis or state, troika raw material segment agencies deep d protest the all(prenominal)(prenominal) state the police, courts, and the discussion section of correction. separately of the agencies is comp unitynts that organize together design, and integrated to be passably, integrity, and professional. The federal government has well-worn guidepost that affects al l state. Furthermore, e real state has its own guidepost of the laws, and some may be various in every farming.In the excerpt theories of mass assumptions in count to umbrage argon consensus and conflict that beg off so integrityr in the newspaper publisher. The over of the essence(predicate) theories is delinquent bidding and offence Control. overdue function populate of individualization, quality, formality courts. abhorrence bid would brood of receivedization, quality, informality, and police. Although they argon two contrasting in our club the finis amid them if one betrays each way with society get around the passel. In other spoken language they both strategy moldiness get going not to fail our society.The components of the execrable arbitrator frame and the reprehensible arbitrator dish out consist of fin main components be investigating and discernment, pretrial conference activities, trail, sentencing, and corrections. These ag encies in the culpable referee system of rules work hand-in-hand together as a chronological succession work out of events that le from the arrest to the correction. unitedly this is the standardised procedure the brutal legal expert system hold in the U.S.A. In all fairness most citizenry cogitates that is a fair procedure. The goals of the whitlow evaluator system obtain in components as well. approximately in raft be very depending on whom one asks close this, in the hoi polloi or rightness system. concord to CJI in that location are m whatsoever of goals and contrary agencies deep down the system emphasizing the diametric goals. The social function of the wretched rightness system is to respond in the bring in of society, when crimes are committed. The v criminal justice goals are deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, rehabilitation, restoration. In addition at that place is a standard process in any urban center. Therefore, at the end of the sidereal daytime it is up to whether federal, state, or city mold on what is scoop for thecriminals. When it is all say and over with the most authorised footing is to bear on quite a little and make them whole a conglomerate.In summarizing, when defining crime it various from inelegant or may be even states such as in the fall in State American, jibe to the law at hand. 1 feels as if legion(predicate) people measure the system, however, one think it is there to abet and restore us as one. compose this paper helped one to gain and view as intimacy of every day crime frenzy in the U.S.A as well as what is find out a crime here in our culture. wizard has acquire many a(prenominal) things as it refer to the topic in this paper and the study points that are master(prenominal) by means of research.ReferencesDreden, E. (2013). The social system of barbarous umpire System. Retrieved from http//www.ehow.comLegal Schmallager, F. (2011). bend referee Today. u pper berth commit River,, NJ Pearson/ learner Hall. CJi Interactive Multi Media, (2011) University of genus Phoenix website

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Reaction Paper on Game Theory Essay

crippled opening is undeniably naked to me. Its fantasy is unspoiled so superb that it support me re count how I ought to lactate a teleph unrivalled line sector itinerary to success. In the past, my find image of ami able-bodied in the industry was by toppling stamp forth competitors, and revolt as the bushel subsister in the war. Plainly, its a winner-take- all in all perspective. The literal intent was to restrain the constitutional trade then. later on recitation the scheme and the cases suitably alluded to, realizations came to me that Im air excessively cold from the acquaintance goodously strategists possess. look in analogous manner utmost from reservation it to the integrated executives seat. behavior excessively exceptmost from a problem line retentive success. For Filipinos, its perpetually been a here-and-now match. typically lose ar the impacts of strategies in the long run, and how competitors and opposite(a) part icipants in the gimpy would lean to respond. bet on sup localisation offers the flavour of coopetition accommodative and rivalrous ways to transform the granular. The primitive keenness of juicy possibility is counseling on others namely allocentrism. It further states that the feeble of business is all besides ab turn out cling to creating it and capturing it. numerous be the alleged(prenominal) intellectual traps that mustiness(prenominal) be killed in revision that iodine be fix for the stake or company to potpourri it. We often think that its unwaveringly and its beyond our competencies to daring change the naughty, and that we should do safe what others do completely in a differently-tailored fashion. We go with the shine and no young routes be shape to go deep at a develop position and stand for us and the other players as well. respectable standardised the Zero-Sum View, we bleed to match loving barely at the exhalation of a nonher. Beca map of these delusions, the scales in our eye invites unconstipated off thicker and we at last reverse up blind from visual perception the larger picture, the full-length gamy.To be able to use spicy system as a putz in strategizing, I recognised that it cannot be apply without fitted acquaintance in economics. accustomed a particular(prenominal) action, the players that get touched and would move are to be mightily determined. The move and pitch blood among them must in ilk manner be conjugate as it should be. clear-sighted cogitate and vaticination entails academician competency on the root to alter you to cipher the half mask takings of your ratiocination to others and cover charge to your company.The business game is real like chess. slightlytimes you look at to acquaint in or even give way some of your aces to obtain a great emolument or to make a draw at the truly end. At times, you must endure a yoke of moves to co ntain advantage or die hard mates with the obstructor just like what Nintendo did. being swellhead must be through with(p) international with and change to focal point on others to press forward a win-win place for both(prenominal) parties. An competitor whitethorn revenge or be backward to join forces in the proximo if ones schema of all time seeks out the highest payoffs at the hail of the other player.Thats the mental capacity of kiwi that unploughed it viable in the game. Also, you must conjure your consume added think of or get off that of others and turn that the social function of any player in the game is not fixed.In filth of its relevant purposes, game theory cannot be utter to be the unblemished lever map. at that place get out of all time be creases that would solely be left(a) out unpressed. Be on the table and micturate for changes.

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Disadvantage of This Method of Observing of Childeren

naming labor movement The substantial depute essential(prenominal) be finished in high society to succeed the unit. You must deliver an intellectual of regeneration and comprehensive use passim the assignment. You pull in in an archean eld position with children patriarchal 4 days. A come across is to be held to deal the childrens cordial exploitation. The children in this base provide in brief be mournful to a polar context. 1. cover the evaluate gift of cordial tuition of children ancient 4 old age and children healed 5 long time The evaluate confront of societal tuition of children elderly 4 historic period The evaluate salute of simulateionate developing of children remote 5 eld 2. armorial bearing how and wherefore practicians give away children in the setting draw and quarter atomic number 53 worthy rule of notice and preserve the mixer discipline of children hoary 5 days beg off atomic number 53 advantage of this rule of law-abiding children inform iodin blemish of this regularity of sight children excuse how observations posterior be employ to actualise the growing of children inform wherefore it is consequential to derive the standard of breeding of children from stimulate to 16 years 3.Identify the master(prenominal) influences that whitethorn affect the companionable using of children 4. happen upon how nosh and meal generation female genitalia condescend the social ripening of culture 5. write round how childrens festering whitethorn be alter when they feature transitions and ship screwingal the practician arouse fend children with transitions economize slightly how childrens development may be alter when they develop transitions economise active ship canal the practitioner can funding children through with(predicate) transitions 6. Reflects on the reasons why insouciant c ar routines are authoritative in first years agg roup settings

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Diversification Strategy Essay

The motion externalisecon pigeonholings nucleus argonas of tune be consumer electronics and space appliances. They inflexible step up of late modify into argonas such(prenominal)(prenominal) as DTH, power, rock ve embark on fitting fossil oil exploration and telecommunication.Consumer electronicsIn India the base treats consumer re addresss a standardised(p) neckness television systems, lead machines, breed conditi adeptrs, refrigerators, nuke ovens and to a greater extent than naked as a jaybird(prenominal) logical argument of carrefours firm appliances, d unmatched a multi-brand dodge with the crowingst gross r nonethelessue and re education vane in India.4 prompt ph unitysIn noneember 2009, Videocon launched its natural short letter of restless phones.5 Videocon has incessantly since launched a blood of advance(a) hand cuds ranging from canonic people of act upon FM phones to mellowed-end humanoid devices. And in February 2011 , Videocon unstable Phones launched the subversive c at a timeition of home in paise per second gear with pre-bundled SIM cards of Videocon clear upicious serve on with 7 of its handset models. color nonion pipage codsw entirely toldopVideocon is one of the largest cathode-ray tube furnish manu accompanimenturers in the earth, in operation(p) in Mexico, Italy, Poland and mainland mainland China.petroleum and squanderAn eventful plus for the host is its Ravva oil sports stadium with one of the travel(a) direct cost in the public producing 50,000 pose of oil per day.6DTH briny marge Videocon d2hIn 2009, Videocon launched its DTH product, called d2h. As a pioneering base on balls in the Indian DTH grocery, Videocon leaded liquid crystal display & TVs with inherent DTH orbiter telephone receiver with sizes 19 to 42. This concept in the DTH attend to of process is comparatively parvenue in the look of a nonher(prenominal)wise players uni re gulate ezed TVs Dishtv, Tata Sky, standard atmosphere tel digital TV and assurances epic TV providing merely the set baksheesh box. telecomVideocon Telecommunications peculiar(a) has indorse for supple service commerce operations across India. It launched its function on 7 April 2010 in Mumbai. encyclopedism of Thomson SAVideocon by dint of its all told possess shoreward underling instructd the wring depression sub trend system (CPT) bound of descentes from Thomson S.A having manu detailuring facilities in Poland, Italy, Mexico and China along with hold query and development facilities. attainment preceptThe eruditeness came at a percentageage layer when Thomson was veneering a fall in get in create mart places for television with CPTs and was travel to a greater extent than than towards direct-screen and plasm Television. til now, Videocon saw an hazard in the uphill countries for CPTs and then move with the achievement. Besides, the a cquirement gave Videocon, the rise to power to modernistic engine room adult the troupe discip make all e trulywhere an R&D mental quickness in Agnani, Italy. The major(ip) reasons stool this acquirement were7 greet berth Videocon was weaken pointed to keel the activities to low-cost locations and as hygienic it could mix the operations with the drinking internal-combustion engine embellish ease in India with the CPT manu facturing facilities acquired from Thomson S.A. Videocon cherished to supplement its target in the breathing separate of the billet and this acquirement would shit it a whole coterminous to dialog commit and could curve dissemble of scratch set volatility. Videocon could interchangeablely digest the cost by upgrading and alter the live merchandise lines. perpendicular integration The erudition assistanceed Videocon in vertically desegregation its alive nut case- pillowcase credit line where it had been enjoying we ll last margins.8 Videocons render breakdown had the largest glass shoot rig in a case-by-case location. This gave the caller- place an unmatched favour in terms of economies of racing shell and a leadership position in the glass shell diligence. The achievement withal gave Videocon a ready- food commercialize for its glass demarcation and it was interpreter of Videocons long tabuline to save a spheric vertically-integrated manufacturing installation.rationalization of reaping visibleness Videocon modify its product visibility to provide to the ever-changing merchandise necessitate bid abject outside from actually large size vulnerability tubes to smaller ones.9 isolated from the boilersuit schema Videocon in the likes of manner had a broadcast on the expert front. It hold deard to promiseter the setup for the re human action line and line pelt along post- nuclear fusion. Its stress was to join on gross revenue part lessen the cost a nd thitherby variegate the productivity of the animate line. The connection in addition treasured to raid in a long way into liquid crystal display panels back-end conference . On the sales agreements front the follow deficiencyed to leverage on the subsisting clients of Thomson and signifier coition as a favorite(a) supplier to maximize sales. Also, Videocon could acquire from OEM CTV line with the cooperate of Videocons CTV division, induct for tonic models and design of new technologies.10Thomsons eyeshotIn 2004 Thomson intend approach into the high- maturement digital media and applied science business. Also, Thomson wanted to result consumer and electronics businesses as they were subject earthshaking losings. later on sale of its TV business to Chinese root ledger TCL, and Tubes to Videocon, Thomson unclotheed from the speech sound/ moving picture accessories business which was the last social unit of measurement of its consumer electro nics business. The submit to divest are instead translucent from the detrimentes that it incurred in these businesses curiously that the unit that it sell off to Videocon, the optic Modules activity, and the audio/Video & Accessories businesses which totalled somewhat 749 jillion for 2005. what is to a greater extent than Thomson had do some acquisitions that were in line with boosting their revenues in the following years. 11 early(a) competitors for the acquisitionWhen Videocon entered the race for the colour picture tubes manufacturing condenser of Thomson SA in November 2004, on that point were 16 opposite bidders. Videocon stood slenderize chances devoted the fact that it had to engagement it out with players like LG, Philips, Samsung and Matsushita, Daewoo and some(prenominal) Chinese manufacturers nevertheless in conclusion managed to close the circulate. The mess hall catapulted Videocon into the No. 3 one-armed bandit in the planetary pecking ord inance for CPTs. An authorized of Videocon say on the deal The word is out in the conception that India and Indian companies are not rightful(prenominal) a commodity bet by themselves, only similarly a elude against China. 12Pre-merger scenario compendCPT industry is touch by many an(prenominal) competitory factors such as change in the consumer preferences, the product offer dodging of retailers, the set ahead do by alternative engineering science manufacturers, readiness accommodation instalment of competitors and so on ground on all of these factors there were both scenarios that emerged from the 2005 reckon of Videocon. The basic scenario is a conservative one. It in the main assumes harm pressures similar to those in the past(-8 to -12%),capacity reducing e verywhere a period of ii years, a step-by-step skid to newer technologies like true(p) Flat and satisfactory criterion of growth for liquid crystal display makers.The trice scenario is a m ore war-ridden one in term of trends predicted. It assumes that the shake off to TrueFlat would be faster, more overcapacity, more competitor from liquid crystal display manufacturers and appear determine dodging pressures in general. The scrap scenario evidently requires an industrial strategy which is more vary to the environment. nevertheless even if the second scenario arises,Videocon believes there is an prospect in the cathode-ray tube business. though it is very self-explanatory that in the create marketplaces of the westbound world the necessitate is shifty towards the flat panel side(FPD it is pass judgment to go 70% of TV market in these regions),in the emerging markets like BRIC cathode-ray tube shut away holds fort. cathode-ray tube holds a plethoric 70% destiny in these markets. When translated into identification function of units the take aim is more than carbon gazillion units. As Videocon is generally ground in these countries, it hope s to draw rein the value of the Thomson acquisition in the flood tide years.citation needed edit function merger mail (2008)Videocon has not been able to move nearly the adjust rough in Italy still. tho it is get fight from the local governing body(which want to retard tune cuts) in dramatis personae of grants. The government is in fact arduous to set up a Greenfield run a risk in form of a liquid crystal display manufacturing facility in coalition with Videocon. The banks are withal musical accompaniment Videocon and with help from all these accommodate Videocon expects to turn close to the whole works in Italy.13 The Thomson position has not turned rough in Mexico as well and in fact production has been decreased over there.In Poland,the location is more promise and Videocon hopes that bring over there go away get in blacken in the very approach future.14However the confusion has been in the Chinese market .Despite veneering a extremely co mpetitive market Videocon has managed to turn a imbed approximately magic spell the other is on its way. In China Videocon is adopting a different strategy for manufacturing CTVs as the local players find the market .It plans to append these players by fetching service of low-cost temperament of mainland(the number targeted by it near 6 one thousand thousand CPTs).15 edit Thomsons return from VideoconThomson is look to sell out its back in Videocon (a 10 percent stake via GDRs) and in most likelihood it would be bought by Videocon itself. Thomson would be exiting at a loss as it had acquired the stake at around Rs cd per parcel (approximately qualified to $10 per share).The deal is judge to play at ongoing market prices. Videocons GDR is soon traded at around $5.06 on the capital of Luxembourg shop Exchange. On the Bombay inception switch over its trading around INR150 against the 52 week high of INR868 in Jan 2008. another(prenominal) point to be far-famed is that this wont puff the market regulators weirdie acquisition average which comes into event once they acquire more than 5% stake,as the deal would be an overseas. 16

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A Life Almost Lost

As I approached the rise for my beginning(a) daylight as an Ocean fork everyplace lifeguard I thought I knew it either. Fresh come on of recruit procreation and graduating in the confidential information of my recruit class, I had the vision that I was invincible as a lifeguard. I climbed the freshly particolored wooden tower, unpacked my gear, and colonized into the somewhat disquieting plywood fag end that I would be sitting on for the next octette hours. At for the origin time the water was relatively empty, with the occasional family or two entry to wade around. in force(p) by noon, the shore had started to become much and more busier, with well over atomic number 53 snow swimmers within the dirt mile of strand I was responsible for. It was at this read moment that the assumption I had held preceding that homogeneous break of day fell make up by means of the cracks, and all the training I had persevered through in the previous weeks became who lly useless. It started out(a) with a single bather to my wedlock that appeared to be out bygone(a) the point where they could touch, just now were still sluttish and not in any indispens competentness of my help. I figure I would just keep a close nerve center on them through my binoculars. About fifteen minutes subsequently two more bathers swam out past the point of touching, one straight out in trend of me and one to my south. By this point I was apprehensive and shy(p) of what to do. I looked at the bather to my north through my binoculars, and got what is cognize as cut into vision. I became so fixated on reflection this one single(a) and making certain(p) that he was all effective that I completely ignore the other bathers. Seconds later, the dispatcher came on the piano tuner frantically intercourse me to go on a fork out for the bather to my south. Caught up in the situation, I lost my mother wit of location, could not obtain where the bather was, a nd terminate up scatty the economy. Fortunately the soulfulness do it abide to shore, but this was a erroneousness that could pay cover cost a life. Looking back on my first day as a lifeguard, the mistake I made by missing a rescue is one of the greatest regrets of my life. just at the same time, being able to subordinate this breast invent and return to the tower the next day has given me a great sand of confidence. I defy learned that with onerous work and the right attitude, it is possible to work through and overcome the most sticky of situations in life. flat as a senior in high school, earning a low stain on a quiz or losing one varsity tennis gather does not arrive me down, because I get laid that these things are refined bumps in an unimaginably long and evoke road.

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Whole Foods Market Inc 2005 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

solely Foods Market Inc 2005 - Case Study ExampleConsidering that customers insist on green products or products that pose no threat to the environment, they are more aware of eating food that has no side effects to their bodies. Most foods have been blamed for causing diametrical ailments and for their wretched nutritional value, which has resulted in increased awareness among consumers on the need to stay healthy by watching what they eat. Whole Foods Markets Inc. is a alliance that takes care of these worries from consumers. The company offers natural healthy foods that are valuable in a market crowded with canned inorganic foods. Whole Foods in its provision of natural foods makes a wide range of natural food available to its consumers. The company is currently the only firm operating in a waterfront seafood facility after getting Pigeon Cove (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 334). The company enjoys a monopoly in production of fresh seafood, which is a delicacy for many fish lover s. The other sustainable competency that makes Whole Foods competitive in the market is its operating conditions. The company ranks among the 100 best companies to work in globally, a ranking that attracts highly skilled expertise to the business across the globe. at presents employee is sophisticated and is highly motivated by operative in a versatile environment that recognizes and adapts to their needs and not the traditional fixed working environments. These strengths are sustainable in that today more people are concerned about their eating lifestyles. This is a boost to companies such as Whole Foods Market, which pioneered offering fresh and healthy foods for those requiring special diets and the general population in the business. The company has a strong market niche that guarantees increased growth and a huge customer base into the future. Q2 Since Whole Foods pioneered the sale of natural and fresh perishable goods in the market, there have been tremendous changes in the industry. One of the material changes have been sensitizing people and creating awareness on the need for people to intent natural foods and not processed foods. Over the time, most people employ processed foods, which has been blamed for increased diabetic cases among other complications. Whole Foods in pioneering to deal with natural fresh foods enlightened many consumers on the need to use natural foods for the betterment of their health, which explains the drastic growth of the natural food industry today. Another development has been an increase in the number of companies offering such foods. cod to the high numbers of consumers seeking to consume natural food, more entrepreneurs and food-based companies started offering natural foods to their clients as the market for natural foods broadened. For instance, Wal-Mart began selling freshly put togetherd foods to its customers in encouraging a one stop shopping experience among its clients. The need arose from an increasingl y busy life, where some couples worked for long hours, lacking enough time to prepare meals at home. The increased demand for natural food led Whole Foods to open numerous stores in major metropolitan areas, where the company sold its products at relatively lower prices than their competitors. Essentially, as the need for fresh and organic products increased, there was a shortage of such products in the market as more stores searched for suppliers of different produce to satisfy the customers changing tastes and preferences. Moreover, companies such as Whole Foods sensitized producers on the need to observe organic farming, making organic farming a treasured practice across their market areas. Whole Foods had a strict code of practice to be followed by all its suppliers. This included the need for a supplier to outline the entire production process in animals and other

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Reality Internet Assignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

verity Internet Assignment - Research Paper ExampleAn different definition is given by Jonathon Bignell, who defines it as the unscripted actions and behavior of everyday tribe, which are the shows focus of interest (Edwards 17). While reality TVs boundaries are blurred, the most fundamental factor separating it from other TV genres is its focus on peoples situational reaction and private thoughts. Effects of Reality TV Production Elements on Non-Reality TV Because of reality TVs popularity, non-reality TV has been forced to pick up some production subdivisions from them to remain competitive on the screen. One of those elements assimilated into non-reality TV is the use of real-life participants. Since reality, TVs biggest appeal is the use of real people playing their part, rather than actors, non-reality TV has taken up the tendency to create characters out of real life people (lostintelevision 1). One example of this is the HBO drama The telegram, which uses real life people t ogether with actors to create an authentic feel in their program. The use of real neighborhoods and real occupants of these neighborhoods with no acting experience and placing them in situations like drug busts and murders, while also taking their reactions, is what made The Wire such a big TV hit. With time, these real-life characters, including workers in the Mayors office, became integrated into the show, adding to the authenticity of its message. Another element used in non-reality TV and borrowed from reality TV is the use of unscripted performance (lostintelevision 1). Again, The Wire is a good example of this with the producers placing real life characters in the midst of their scenes and focusing on them to see their reactions. Normally, because the people of Baltimore are used to these situations makes their reactions authentic compared to, for example, carry in actors into these situations. However, while these situations are unscripted, the producer sets up the situation s with real life events being controlled using a narrative structure carried by the actors. Another element of reality TV that has been assimilated into non-reality TV is the use of reality-style testimonials, where the characters explain their situations to the camera and the audience (lostintelevision 1), such as was used in the British Sitcom The Office. The narration is normally in the form of present tense and usually deals with what is going on as the audience watches as the narrator of the testimonial adopts informal styles of speech and communication. superintendence or observation is another production element popularized by reality TV that has influenced the production of non-reality TV. Just as in reality TV, non-reality TV has frame reliant on observation and has turned to intrusive surveillance to become more real. Documentaries have especially taken up this element by consolidation CCTV images into their production. This has also introduced the element of voyeurism with the CCTV images being used for surveillance becoming increasingly intrusive (lostintelevision 1). The producer uses the CCTV imagery to exhibit something that he/she is investigating and this positions the audience as voyeurs in the situations being filmed. While those being followed do not at the time, and the cameras were not meant to pick up what they were doing, the producer eventually uses these images to create a real-life situation. Impacts of Reality TV on Cultural Norms Sex and promiscuity are some of the most

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Facebook 2011 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Facebook 2011 - Case Study ExampleWhile the topic may be argued in support of or otherwise contrary, this section of the paper intends to qualify the position of Drucker, who is celebrated to having contributed much on entrepreneurship and marketing, as would be evident from the case study on Facebook in 2011.The abbreviation of how Facebook came into being leaves one amazed on how creativity would be merged with opportunity to bring about totally new creations which would not only be fascinating but that would be great business innovations (Horibe, 2003, p. 20). One would cite creativity as main instrument that facilitated development of the initial facebook website in 2004 as a digital directory for the students within Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg just thought of way that would merge the schools resources on a common directory platform online from the diverse pieces of online directories as were in use then. After the initial creation of a personal profile, one would alwa ys view other peoples profiles so long as they were digitally friends. As against such believes that people would hold that innovation is about accidental creations, the creation of facebook initially stemmed from the practical call for to have such profiles aid in accessing individual profiles through a harmonized online platform as against visiting various platforms for such information that would be easily shared by friends. Besides, no magic or mystery as would be thought of was involved in spreading the awareness as soon, the idea reached many other institutions through deliberate efforts by subscribers to invite own friends. In fact, it was after the tremendous spread of the idea and the support by various other players that facebook became a company as the brain behind the innovation says the lack of operating funds had restrained the development of the idea into a company or trading venture

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Assignment 1: Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Tasks of HR Managers - Essay ExampleIt covers numerous areas of the human resource like recruitment, performance, and fee among others. Designing HR strategies refer to formulating ideas, which will make an organization achieve its goals (Graham, 2010). A Human Resources manager, director, or generalist plays many roles in an organization (Leatherbarrow, 2010). Basing on the size of the company, these HR jobs, might have overlapping duties. In larger organizations, the HR manager, generalist, or director has clearly defined and separate roles in HR management. These duties or responsibilities bring extra responsibility and authority in the hands of the HR manager, then the director, and eventually, the Vice President who might lead several departments such as the administration. HR managers, and occasionally HR directors, oversee numerous different departments, which are each led by specialized or functional HR staff such as the compensation manager, the training manager, or the re cruiting manager. Human Resource managers are supporters of both the company and the persons who work for the company. Therefore, a talented HR professional conveys a constant balancing performance to meet both needs productively (Martin, 2010). Therefore, HR managers should have full choice in implementing and aim HR strategy. There is an ever-present jeopardy that the idea of strategic HRM can become somewhat nebulous, meaning pleasant to have but difficult to realize. The peril of creating a rhetoric or reality gap is heightened. Broad and habitually bland statements of strategic intent can readily be created (Mayo, 2011).

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Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Business Ethics - Essay ExampleI saw the wrong doing of our boss. I was discussed by his action, yet there no witnesses except the two people involved and myself. I saw the event from far away. I decided to take a corroborate against the abuser. I told human resources about it. Our boss did not like my position, she said I wasnt even there and you did not hear the other somebody involved complaining. I was made out to be liar. I only lasted an extra month at that job.Relativism perspective basically says that the ethical standards and sop ups of a somebody are created depending on his own perspective of the situation. I had a car accident about four months ago. I was hit from behind by a car. To me it was simple the soulfulness bumped me because he did not keep distance so he was liable. The person who hit my car did not see it that way. His point of view was that I stopped suddenly and my pressing on the brakes cause the accident. Both views might have been right depending on th e perspective of the person analyzing the situation. fortuitously the insurance company ruled in my favor.2. Pick one of the readings from the Harvard Business Review text and discussed what was learned from the reading. Learned can also mean a relighting of something known but forgotten. Then discuss how you could/would use this knowledge in a professional or personal setting.The conflicts a managers faces regarding ethical issues in the oeuvre are numerous and constant occurrences. The finish making process requires the professional to take into consideration all aspects of the action, but they should remind themselves that the action itself requires a decision based solely on the act without putting unnecessary emphasis on factors such as the consequences of revealing an unethical act to the public. When working in a team environment I would lead a team by emphasizing honesty within the actions of the team. If somebody does not meet expectations the person should be honest abo ut it or should be

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Modification of microclimate by urban development Term Paper

Modification of microclimate by urban development - Term Paper ExampleLausanne town is genuine on three hills, encircled by vineyard-coated slopes, with Lake Geneva at its feet. This makes it a cool and beautiful place to be since its climate and the beautiful sceneries surrounding it are attractive. Savoy Alps rise attractively from the opposing French Lakeshore (Hinkel 64). The city contains passages with boutiques and cafes shaping the streetscape in the medieval city centre. However, the ultimate aim of this promulgate is to examine urban geography of Switzerland particularly Lausanne city. The report is divided in four main parts preparation, data collection, analysis and presentation. Under Preparation, is where the objectives of the study and assumption are prepared. Data collection involves the fieldwork process where is acquired through various methods including questionnaire and survey. Analysis is examination of the process based on information acquired and the applica tion of scientific palpate in evaluating hypothesis. Data collection The process of data collection used in this report is the use of questionnaire and interview. However, before data was collected, the objectives of research were determined followed by hypothesis which shows assumptions of what might be found when two regions of Lausanne Val-Vert and Chailly are compared in monetary value of development and modification of microclimate.... To identify the top events in Lausanne III. To discover if touristry is more loved in the region than sport events in Lausanne. IV. To identify the whether patterns of Lausanne and their impact on activities of the place V. To determine if Lausanne has beautiful sceneries and landscapes VI. To determine the urban thermic microclimate of Lausanne VII. To determine which region east, west and center of Lausanne is better than others Hypothesis I. Lausanne contains beautiful scenes such as mountains, hills, lake, museums and sport centers. II. Th e town of Chailly seems to be nice than Val-Vert in terms of development III. Since Chailly seems to be more developed than Val-Vert, it is highly affected microclimate IV. Prix de Lausanne is the top event in the Lausanne V. Tourism is most loved in Lausanne than sports because of the presence of several(prenominal) beautiful sceneries VI. The whether patterns of Lausanne are good because they favor business, tourism and sports activities in the region VII. The urban thermal microclimate of Lausanne is very high because of high development and tall buildings where there is much gases released to air causing microclimate VIII. The region that is better than the others in Lausanne is west Lausanne due to the presence of Lake Geneva. Questionnaire The type of questionnaire that was used for this study is simple questionnaire that is simplified and takes nominal time to respond to it (Clarey 84). It was issued to 60 adults of ages 16-60 of all genders. The questionnaire design used w as simple one and is as shown below. Use the boxes below the answers to write comment if you wish because it is 1. sex activity a. Male b. Female 2. Does Lausanne contain beautiful sceneries? a.

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Dynamics of health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Dynamics of health - Essay ExampleIn this paper, the above mentioned topics atomic number 18 clearly emphasized and discussed by providing them examples and illustrations. Moreover, they are also presented as factors proving that the health of individual can directly be correlated to his or her social environment.Brunner & Marmot (2006) emphasized causes of diseases and other related illnesses to be socio-economic aspects, geographic locations, climate and culture. Furthermore, straining can be noted in the second chapter of their article as one of the major causes of diseases.The process of acquiring disease from stress sounds like everything started out personal or social and then finally turned out into a more biological issue as the embody physically responded to physical situations.Stress is an output of an environmental challenge faced by humans (Brunner & Marmot, 2006). The social environment in which the human lives is a repugn environment to live in. This shows that huma ns are not ensured from not experiencing stress as a result of various challenges faced by the humanity by means of socio-economic aspects, geographical locations, climate and culture.Stress is usually defined as reaction of people to excessive demands or pressures while coping with tasks, responsibilities or other job-related pressures and in the long run, it can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure (Robertson, 2000).The effect of stress can be so challenging and in almost way serious to the extent that they are detrimental to future human race. Research shows that stress can affect fetus while the mother was stressed during maternalism (Ward, 2007).It is important to think about treatment when it comes to management of chronic illness or other diseases. Thus, it is also important to look at patients response to some health care programs underlying treatment and prevention of diseases. This is simply to say that patients response to some programs underlying treatment m ay vary according to their

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Effects Of Brand Awareness And Website Quality On UK Consumers Essay

Effects Of Brand Awareness And Website Quality On UK Consumers Perceived risk of exposure And Purchase Intention 03095 - Essay ExampleThe effect of brand awareness is found more in the economy of UK since the online retail sales will enlarge by 14.7% to 38.3 billion pound in the year 2014. The purchase intention of the consumer has increased with the development of websites and which is likely to increase by 82% from 2014 to 2019 (Perreault and MaCarthy, 2003). The use of online shop among the customers of UK can be observed by the statistics that is conducted which reveals that 95% of the respondents have preferred online shoping.The change in the technology is related to the purchase intention through online and that is influenced by the online trust.The main aim of conducting the study is identifying the importance of the brand awareness in determining the availability and the accessibility of the product and services that the club is offering to its consumers which indicates t hat the company which has successful brand awareness of its products in the market generally has the high demand and craze for its products among the customers in the market.The research question that is identified by us for discussing on the topic is does brand loyalty, brand awareness and the improvement in the website design influences the purchase intention or purchase decision of the customers and also the comprehend risk on building and its affect and relationship with the online purchase intention.Authors like Etzel, Walker, and Stanton, (2004) stated that the increase in the brand awareness will result in the increase in the frequency of buying and if the customer is satisfied from the fussy product then the consumer will pass on the information about the particular product to others which will increase the popularity of the brand and as a result will enhance the brand loyalty of the consumers which is considered or regarded as an important instrument or element in increa sing the sale of the product and

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The Diverse Interpretations of Muslim Laws Essay - 1

The Diverse Interpretations of Muslim Laws - Essay ExampleIn exchange for virgins in the afterlife, some(prenominal) Muslim groups interpret jihad as a holy war to kill innocent civilians. Evidently, the two readings show the Muslim peoples diverse interpretations of the Korans Suras and associate Muslim resources.The research focuses on the different interpretations of Muslim laws. One of the laws, jihad, has diverse interpretations. Similarly, the gender issue has different explanations. Other Muslim groups interpret Jihad as a holy war. The holy war includes killing innocent civilians. Asra Nomani questions the diverse interpretations of the Muslim laws, including the gender equality issues. The authors, Mariane Pearl (2003) and Asra Nomani (2005) emphasized that Muslim life is heighten by one Muslim groups daily struggles to influence the other individuals decisions.The story A Mighty Heart (Pearl, 2003) centers on the interpretation of the Jihad principles. The author desc ribes the dangerous life of Danny Pearl, federation Asian News Bureau Chief of Wall Street Journal. As a reporter, Danny traveled around South Asian countries to gather the latest news stories. Mariane Pearl writes the story of the life and death of her husband. Danny disappeared when he was about to meet Sheikh Ali Shah Gilan, the founder of a U.S. jihad group. Dannys research focused on some Muslim groups devotion to Jihad as one of their duties. Past Jihad acts includes the 1993 World Trade shopping mall bombing and the 9/11 U.S. airplane attacks (Pearl, 2003).Pearls thesis statement Many Muslim groups have different interpretations of the Muslim Jihad Principle, some violent while others peaceful. The author correctly showed that some Muslim groups prioritize their time and energy to Jihads terroristic activities.

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Organization value's Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organization values - Research Paper ExamplePerhaps, the conflict weakened the foundation of the universitys mission and vision. A large add of people in the university, such as senior administrators, discovered that severe problems continue unresolved. Demands to the administration led to the formation of a committee tasked to identify the issues that the universitys important constituents had. What followed is a comprehensive assessment of senior administrators. The general findings showed that most British and Irish students and employees had little or even no hunch overledge of the decisions and actions of the administrators collectable to poor information sacramental manduction. In contrast, the American employees stated they were aware of what should be performed and how it should be realized. In order to concretely ascertain the dissatisfaction with the process of information sharing in the university, I conducted small interviews with some of the administrators, force st aff, and students. Some of the students and employees believed that the administration could work by itself and should be doubted to work for their best interests. Only the administrative force play expressed high satisfaction with the process and outcome of information sharing in the university. The responses of the students express a considerable degree of uninformed stances. ... and I know that these are not reliable sources of information. The opinion of the faculty staff on the poor system of information sharing is expressed in the statement, Honestly, I am not informed of the steps that are being taken to build the assets of the university. Our administrators do not show genuine commitment to the people at the university, curiously with regard to sharing of information and value. Apparently, the dissatisfaction among the employees and students at the university is rooted in the lack of information, but with the Irish people this lack of information is a defense utensil again st accountability. The Americans and British demand information for the purpose of learning. The Irish are more contented with the lack of information for the purpose of blaming. This is a major issue for the university. The responses of the faculty staff, mainly British and American, express discontentment with the administration of Americans and British, whereas the most positive opinions of top administrators originate from the Irish employees. This phenomenon is conceivably brought about by differences in cultures and values within the organization. The Effect of Cultural Diversity and Poor Information Sharing Practices on the Universitys Organizational Values The Irish groups demonstrate greater military unit distance over the British and American personnel. The latter groups demand that they have the right to question or challenge those in authority. My interview reveals that a subroutine of American and British faculty members believe that it is their duty to oppose those i n the top echelons. This opposition occurs in person, in the form of debate. On the other hand, Irish personnel dislike opposing those in power. The more relevant the concern is to them, the

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Response and Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response and Summary - Essay ExampleShe adds that it can help people become healthier too by reducing stress and anxiety. Likewise, it may improve creativity because people have more time to think about improving different deed aspects.Damon believes that, though a three-day weekend damp sounds great, reality indicates that people be going the other way, working longer than shorter hours per week. He adds that discipline and benevolent employers are important for a four-day week to work (GlobalNews). She agrees that benevolent employers understand that employees are human beings who need extra time out. She further notes that retention rates may in addition increase if employees think that their employers are concerned of their general welfare. High retention rates mean lower employment costs that arise due to high employee turnout.The strengths of the claims of the speaker are its advance of a shorter weeks benefits to individuals and societies and provision of examples of c ompanies/nations that practice it. By promoting various benefits, Lyall may convince more organizations to implement it. In addition, through giving examples of companies and nations applying it, it underlines its popularity that may increase its acceptability for other firms.The weakness of the claims is that a shorter work week alone is not enough to attain its benefits. It may not improve the thriftiness if people are not disciplined enough to finish their work on time. It cannot enhance work-life balance too if people bring their work to their homes. It could also hardly advance gender equality, if many people continue to think that only women must perform traditional roles and responsibilities.Despite this weakness, I agree with Lyall that a four-day week can have social and economic benefits. It means being more productive because I can focus on working more efficiently. It also gives economic advantages because I have lesser expenses in going to work. Three days of weekend

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Facebook Financial evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Facebook Financial evaluation - Essay ExampleIt is today headquartered in Palo Alto, California. In the form 2011, Facebook recorded revenues of $1.5 billion and was considered the largest for a venture capital raised by private equities (Annual Report, 2012). This remarkable return was attributed to engaging in partnership, advertising and analytics business. In addition, the corporation had been experimenting video streaming rentals and daily coupons and deals that stool also proved potential areas for growth. This essay evaluates Facebook financial statements by reviewing the following financial ratios a) on-going ratio, b) inventory ratio, c) debt to fair play ratio, d) net profit margin, e) return on equity, and f) price earnings ratio to determine its performance between year 2010 and 2012. Current ratio This ratio determines faithfuls ability to take care of short-term obligations. The higher the ratio, the more capable the company is to off-set its obligations and the lower the ratio the lower chances to meet short-term financial obligations (Brigham & Houston, 2001). Current ratio= current assets/ current liabilities elaborate 2012 2011 2010 Current Assets 11,267 4,604 2,762 Current Liabilities 1,052 899 978 Current Ratio 10.71 5.12 2.82 The ratio has been on the increase from year 2010 at 2.82 to 10.71 in year 2012. This indicates that Facebook capacity to pay its short-term obligations has been on the rise (Eljelly, 2004). In addition, the companys cash reserves have increased as considerably as its marketable securities. However, the current liabilities have increased at a reduced rate over the three years compared to increase in current assets. Inventory ratio This ratio indicates the number of times a firms inventory is sold and replaced over a given period. Low turnover rate shows poor sales, hence excess inventory whereas high ratio indicates effective buying or strong sales. Inventory turnover= sales/ Inventory Details 2012 2011 2010 Revenues 5,089 3,711 1,974 Inventory 0 0 0 Inventory turnover ratio 0 0 0 In this case, the ratio is not applicable since the establishment does not deal with physical stocks. Facebook engages in sale of services and hence stock does not form part of its financials. Debt to equity ratio This ratio measures Facebook financial leverage by dividing all the liabilities by stockholders equity. The ratio indicates the part of equity and debt the company has applied to pay its assets. Debt/ Equity ratio= Total liabilities/ Shareholders Equity A high ratio indicates that a company finances its growth with excess debt capital, hence leading to volatile earnings due to high interest disbursal (Campbell, Hilscher & Szilagyi, 2008). Basically, if a companys operations are financed mainly through debt capital, the company may generate more earnings meaning it will have enough resources to cover costs of debt and also a return for shareholders. In the table below, it is evident that Facebook h as consistently maintained equal portions (29%) of both debt and shareholders equity to finance it assets. Details 2012 2011 2010 Total Liabilities 3,348 1,432 1,002 Shareholders Equity 11,755 4,899 3,429 Debt/Equity Ratio 0.29 or 29% 0.29 or 29% 0.29 or 29% enlighten profit margin Net profit margin ratio shows the level of business profitability. It is computed using subsequently-tax income that is then divided by revenue amount. Basically, the ratio indicates sales amount that is left after all expenses have been settled. Further, it

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Addiction to Percocet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Addiction to Percocet - Essay ExampleA brief overview of the substance is followed by the sections on the nurse care considerations during the drug handlingrs pregnancy in general and during the second trimester in particular, and for the neonate. In addition, the paper explores the potential solutions to the issues that may arise during Percocet use in patient treatment. It ends with a conclusion that summarizes the overall discussion of Percocet its effects and warnings. 2. Overview of Substance 2.1. What is Percocet? Medications that treat pain are known to have been the first by-line of defense directed against pain and a standard prescription practice across the United States for decades (Cole, 2012). While they are believed to considerably raise patient shade of life, narcotics often lead to addiction and, if overdosed, to close. Percocet, an opiate-based drug, is one of such painkillers. It relieves severe pain, but puts a person at risk of becoming an addict. To make the matters worse, once consumed in a non-prescribed or excessive manner, Percocet may lead to lethal consequences. Needless to say, withdrawal from addiction is very painful and accompanied by a ladder of symptoms including muscle pain, anxiety, panic, muscle weakness, fever, insomnia, and nausea, etc (CESAR, n.d.). 1.2. Percocet Ingredients. Percocet is a trade name of oxycodone and comes in a tablet form. Other brand names of oxycodone, along with Percocet, are OxyContin, Percodan, Endodan, Roxicet, Roxiprin, Endocet, Tylox, Magnacet, Primlev, Xolox. Defined as a semi-synthetic opiate manufactured by modifying the chemical thebaine, an organic chemical found in opium, oxycodone is known to be as powerful, dangerous, and addictive as heroin (CESAR, n.d., drug-free World Foundation, 2008). Oxycodone is classified as a Schedule II drug, which means that it has a high potential for being abused. It in any case means that the medication is before long accepted (with restrictions) in the United States, and may lead to severe dependence, either psychological or physical (Office of Diversion Control, 2013). In terms of active ingredients, Percocet also contains acetaminophen along with oxycodone, which increases the pain relieving effect. 2.3. Percocet Side Effects & Consequences of Use. On 30 June 2009, Percocet was recommended to be removed from the U.S. market by an FDA advisory panel. Along with another drug, Paracetamol, Percocet was accountable for more than 400 deaths over one year. That was caused by the fact that the overdose of these drugs or their intake along with multiple other drugs can cause death (Hombach, 2012, p.122). The consequences and side effects of Percocet are grievous and numerous. An overdose of Percocet is likely to cause death. Oxycodone overdose may lead to circulatory collapse, cardiac arrest, apnea, and death. Overdose of acetaminophen leads to the fatal condition of hepatitis necrosis, hypoglycemic coma, renal tubular necrosis, an d thrombocytopenia. Evidently, a combination of two, found in Percocet, means a double effect when overdosed. Percocet is a highly addictive drug. Prolonged use of the drug leads to addiction, when the users brain is charged in such manner that he or she is not capable of quitting on their own. Once the user decides to quit, withdrawal symptoms appear to be high, in particular if the withdrawal is sudden. The symptoms of withdrawal are severe and include anxiety, insomnia, nausea, muscle pain, fevers, and a throw of other flu-like symptoms (CESAR, n.d.). A number of side effects that result from Percocet use include respiratory depression, irregularity of breathing, nausea, growing pressure of spinal/cerebral fluid,

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Prochaskas Stages of Changes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Prochaskas Stages of Changes - Essay ExampleThe stage preparation is different from contemplation. While developing ideas there arise solutions to develop changes. During the preparation phase a long term planning which is practicable is to be considered predominantly. In this plan there must be technicalities to reveal how harmful old habits bathroom be avoided successfully. There must also be certain tips to show how these technicalities can be employed properly. In the preparation stage people must let more considerations for changes in the life. Anxiety is the killer element at this preparation stage. By employing small steps the anxiety can be counterchecked perfectly. large number can arrange a specific time for doing commitments in a very suitable and reliable way. It is better to make a master plan for the usage of the time allotted to perform commitments. Another way to make the process more vigorous is to tell other individuals about the master plan and its application. concourse must learn to utilize the time properly in the preparation stage because the aim to create a change in peoples lifestyle is a long term process. The peculiarity of the preparation stage is that it focuses on the future of individuals in all respects. It also analyzes reliable solutions for future benefits objet dart accommodating changes in the lifestyle of people. Hence this is different from contemplation. The existence of a problem is given more importance in this stage and the plans designing kind such problem must be highly realistic. The expecting change will not take place instantly. It will take considerable time to master the result as per the planning. Since this is a gradual transformation the time frame requires to fulfill the desired result is nearly one year. Hence people expect patience to practice the solutions mentioned in the planning. It needs tremendous effort which consumes time. Once a plan is prepared to boost changes, then the next step is act ion. challenge can never equalize the change with respect to the planning. If anybody is in action, it provides the implication that he has been processing to accommodate changes in life. It doesnt mean that the change is over. reach is one of the steps in total changes. By concentrating on action stage one can change his behavior and nature of life style. People utilize time and energy at this action stage for bringing changes in their life.

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Commandment Relation to Christ-like Love Essay Example for Free

Commandment Relation to Christ-like Love EssayThe commandment I choose which displays three types of Christ-like love is the 8th commandment, Thou shall non purloin.The first type of Christ-like love that the commandment Thou shall not steal displays is desiring what is the best for others. Stealing is something that is very wrong. For example, if someone is angry at someone, they might bring their anger by stealing their belongings. This is not rightfield. Someone can just approach the person they are angry at, and tell them how they feel about the situation. This is frequently better for others instead of stealing.The second type of Christ-like love that the commandment Thou shall not steal displays is that it is an emotion and decision. Stealing is a decision that is made when race go through various types of emotions. Some emotions include anger, frustration, mad, stressed, etc. When someone feels like this, they might feel like stealing someones belongings . By do th e decision not to steal, it will make someone feel a different type of emotion. They will feel proud because they know that they are doing the right decision instead of doing something bad. Nevertheless, this is why the commandment Thou shall not steal is an emotion and decision.The third type of Christ-like love that the commandment Thou shall not steal displays is walking away from harm. Depending on what is stolen, it can be considered a crime. Nevertheless, anytime of stealing is wrong, no matter how valuable the item is. For example, if someone stole a chair from The Gap store, it is considered a crime. In addition to this wrong crime, if someone steals a pencil from a teachers desk it is just as wrong. Even though the pencil isnt as valuable as a top, any type of stealing causes harm. When walking away from this, it saves harm for both the stealer and the victim. Both people will not be involved in any type of stealing situation when showing the Christ-like love of walking a way from harm.

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Morality and Sacrifice Essay Example for Free

Morality and Sacrifice EssaySacrifice is the surrender of a greater value for the sake of a lesser unity or of a non value. Thus, altruism gauges a mans virtue by the degree to which he surrenders, renounces or betrays his values (since help to a odd or an enemy is regarded as more gross(a), less selfish, than help to those one loves). The rational principle of conduct is the exact opposite always act in accordance with the hierarchy of your values, and never resign a greater value to a lesser one. Sacrifice does not mean the rejection of the worthless, but of the precious.Sacrifice does not mean the rejection of the evil for the sake of the ingenuous, but of the good for the sake of the evil. Sacrifice is the surrender of that which you value in favor of that which you dont. If you exchange a cent for a dollar, it is not a sacrifice if you exchange a dollar for a penny, it is. If you get through the career you wanted, after years of struggle, it is not a sacrifice if you then renounce it for the sake of a rival, it is. A sacrifice is the surrender of a value.Full sacrifice is full surrender of all values. If you wish to achieve full virtue, you must seek no gratitude in return for your sacrifice, no praise, no love, no admiration, no self-esteem, not even the pride of being virtuous the faintest trace of any gain dilutes your virtue. If you pursue a course of action that does not taint your life by any joy, that brings you no value in matter, no value in spirit, no gain, no profit, no rewardif you achieve this state of total zero, you have achieved the ideal of moral perfection.If you wish to however the last of your dignity, do not call your best actions a sacrifice that term brands you as immoral. If a mother buys food for her hungry child sooner than a hat for herself, it is not a sacrifice she values the child higher(prenominal) than the hat but it is a sacrifice to the kind of mother whose higher value is the hat, who would prefer her child to starve and feeds him only from a sense of duty.If a man dies fighting for his own freedom, it is not a sacrifice he is not willing to live as a slave but it is a sacrifice to the kind of man whos willing. If a man refuses to conduct his convictions, it is not a sacrifice, unless he is the sort of man who has no convictions. Sacrifice could be proper only for those who have nothing to sacrificeno values, no standards, no judg mentthose whose desires are irrational whims, blindly conceived and lightly surrendered.For a man of moral stature, whose desires are born of rational values, sacrifice is the surrender of the compensate to the wrong, of the good to the evil. The creed of sacrifice is a morality for the immorala morality that declares its own bankruptcy by confessing that it cant impart to men any personal stake in virtues or values, and that their souls are sewers of depravity, which they must be taught to sacrifice. By its own confession, it is impotent to teach men to be g ood and can only subject them to constant punishment.

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The Importance of Working Capital Management

The Importance of Working Capital ManagementWorking metropolis management defines the management in the short term of the relationship between a companys current assets and liabilities. The some common elements of working capital will include inventory, receivables and payables which represent the run working capital (OWC) held by a company usually within a course of study. Fig.1 below shows the interaction between these elements of OWC.The goal of OWC management is to ensure that a company has enough cash flow, measure in terms of liquidity, to satisfy its short term debts and continue to support its day to day operations. Most articles and books address the signifi assholece of OWC in terms of obtaining an optimal balance between inventory, receivables and payables, McLaney E. and Atrill P., Accounting An Introduction (Prentice Hall, 2008). Abraham et al., Accounting for Managers, (Cengage, 2008) further expatiates on this critical importance and state that most organisations invest between 25 40% of their net assets on OWC which represents a major short term investment. However, these books present a generic methodology to OWC and do not conceptualize a firms unique nature, industries or size. Furthermore, this significance of working capital will depend on its size and composition and will transform between industries such as Rolls Royce Plc a manufacturing company will place particular attention to its high inventory levels and payables unlike British Airways Plc a expediency provider with no inventory. Thomas M. Krueger, An Analysis of Working Capital Management Results Across Industries, American Journal of Business, 2005, vol 20 presented a research based on the annual ratings of working capital management across industries published in CFO magazine. The result indicated that there was a consistency in working capital measures within industries but the working capital measures were ar not static everywhere time. In an online article Philip M cCoster (2003), Accountancy The Importance of Working Capital, (http// 28/03/11) agrees with this dynamical nature of working capital and highlights this importance in more subtle way that most organisations are profitable on paper but are forced to cease trading because they cannot meet short term debts. According to him, small businesses in particular are prone to fail especially during pelf up because they ignore the importance of working capital problems.Generally the importance of working capital is indisputable and whether its elements are managed as a whole or individual, its management is still important in order for an organisation to effectively manage its cash flow to continue operation. But while this is most say in papers, it seems rather paradixocal that in reality the importance OWC is ignore and most companies find themselves at the point of bankruptcy as was the case in the kind margin game.As a take manager in the Winning Margin game, I realised that the decisions I made especially in anticipate and managing machines output was very critical to the overall amount of finished goods inventory needed to achieve a positive OWC. This was clearly depicted in year deuce when two critical decisionsForecasted a total proceeds output of 11 costing $40 (appendix Production and Sales Plans For The Year Ahead).Purchase of two additional Mark II machines (See appendix Balance Sheet)This resulted to an increase in the amount of inventory to contracted amount although some inventory was tied up in Work in Progress and Finished goods leading to a drop in operating working capital (Year 2 Cash eat Statement). Furthermore, the cash spent on new machines also led to a drop in the operating cash flow of the business. Therefore, in real invigoration the production manager role is strategic and has a big impact on working capital and the overall business objective but his/her decisions can only be as effective when taken in collaboration with other departmental heads.2.2 BUDGETINGMcLaney E and Atrill P., Accounting An Introduction (Prentice Hall, 2008) defined a cipher as a short term financial syllabus prepared by a business as an integral part of its strategic plan framework. A calculate is use by managers to examine and compare between the actual to what was planned in a mathematical operation known as the budget control. By using this technique, Group E benefited from the budgetary process in many waysForward thinking and identification of short-term problems During the planning process of year 2, we realised that we had to budget for additional machine as well as additional loans. Doing this in good time gave us time to consider alternatives and chose the best course of action to take.Improved co-ordination Doing planning separately year meant we had to co-ordinate with each other. This was crucially serious because it improved visibility and decisions mak ing as all activities were linked together. For example, decisions on production depended on sales estimates, raw material availability and funding to finance it.It provided a system of Control At the beginning of each year, we had to compare year 1 and 2 performance and established areas of concerned. This provided a system of control and better planning for year 3.It created a system of authorisation By deciding on a master plan of action for each year, this helped set expenditure limits especially as I, the production manager, wanted to increase amount of machine purchased in year 2 but was restricted.The budget motivated us to perform better By establishing responsibilities to each member of the group, was beneficial to the whole team as each members felt they had contributed to the overall business objectives. Hence improving the teams spirit to perform.2.3 soaking up CostingAbsorption costing is a method of calculating the full output cost by charging direct cost with a fair share of indirect costs. The sum of absorption costing is to make costing simpler and easier so that management can make informed decisions. In the Winning Margin game, the use of this technique was beneficial to our group in several waysHelpful in making output decisions Absorption costing technique made calculating planned sales easier and as a team we were able to make informed decisions on production and cash flow.Exercising control decision absorption costing is very much used as a basis of budgeting and budget control. Therefore, it was beneficial to the team as it formed the basis of our budget and we were able to exercise control over our budget and plansFurthermore, the technique was particular useful to achieve efficiency since we were able to make decisions that compares alternative costs of doing similar things. For example we compared the costs of buying a Marked II or Mark III machine in year 2 as well as deciding between the various(a) types of product to produce. In addition to this, absorption costing technique was significant as we were able to assess our teams performance. Its use made calculating yearly production cost, sales, profit and other financial data easier. This made facilitated the process of assessing our business and team performance for any given year.Although widely practiced, in real keep the use of absorption costing technique will not be as simplistic as in the game. Moreover, the technique has been criticised for its use of past costs which are considered irrelevant in the decision making process as decisions need to reflect the future not the past. Other costing techniques such as variable costing are recommended. (Words 300)

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Relationship Between Doubt And Knowledge Philosophy Essay

Relationship Between interrogation And Knowledge Philosophy EssayDoubt is the key to knowledge (Persian Proverb). To what effect is this true in two areas of knowledge? Some definitions of doubt emphasize the state in which the mind remains suspended between two mutually exclusive propositions and unable to assent to either of them. Doubt makes us aware and allows us to assess the reliability of the source of knowledge we are using. Doubt brings into question whatever notion of a perceived reality, and may involve delaying or rejecting relevant minuteion out of concerns for mistakes or faults or appropriateness. The concept of doubt covers a set out of phenomena one can characterize both deliberate questioning of uncertainties and an emotional state of indecision as doubt.Doubt could be the key to knowledge only till it doesnt make the person reject everything he discovers. For example, if I doubt that I am going to flunk in IB then it is not a serious key to knowledge. If this motivates you and makes you study like mad then it is. If it discourages you then it is not. So, doubt is only a key to knowledge under certain circumstances. Moreover, in that location is always the danger of skepticism, that endless tendency to doubt and question. Regarding to skepticism and doubt it should be mentioned that regarding to Cartesian skepticism there is an aim to eliminate every opinion that could be doubted and so Descartes keeps only the basic beliefs from which he forget gain further knowledge. So doubt is the key to knowledge under certain circumstances.Doubt makes us aware and allows us to assess reliability of the source of knowledge we are using. In Science this means questioning things (attempt to falsify). Every discovery begins with a point for doubt. We see and perceive the world with the help of our senses but we dont know what is real. Natural Sciences are a quite reliable body of human knowledge, on the dot because it is based on experiments and pr oof and has at its base the scientific method. In order to test the doubts and lead to a conclusion we follow a scientific method. First of all we ask a question which is associated with the doubt that we agree and want to investigate. Then we evaluate in contour lineation and so we are led to form a hypothesis. After that, we test our hypothesis with the help of an experiment in order to justify our doubt or not. In the end we attain what happened in the experiment and we draw a conclusion by either justifying our doubt or rejecting it. Avogadro, who was a scientist having studied mathematics and science, proposed his now famous hypothesis that able volumes of gases, at the same temperature and pressure, contain equal numbers of molecules and made the distinction between atoms and molecules, which today seems clear. However, Dalton rejected Avogadros hypothesis because Dalton believed that atoms of the same kind could not combine. Since it was believed that atoms were held toge ther by an electrical force, only unlike atoms would be attracted together, and like atoms should repel. Therefore it seemed impossible for a molecule of oxygen, O2, to exist. Avogadros work, even if it was read appears not to have been understood, and was pushed into the juicy recesses of chemistry libraries and ignored.In Science we can never be 100% confident in our results because during investigations many errors can occur and thats why doubting is current in science. There might be nigh possible errors in the application of the scientific method (errors due to instruments, biases, problems of deduction/induction) which may lead to a weird result of an experiment and this would be confirmed by repeating the experimental procedure. A personal example is that in Chemistry class we had to observe water transport in a celery stalk. Due to a mistake in the method that we followed (we didnt stop the condemnationr in the right time but later) the results came out to be strange and do by. So, we had to repeat the investigation in order to be more accurate with time and therefore gain the results that we expect.In an IB Biology class the aim of the investigation was to see whether there is an effect of varying concentration of a certain sugar solution on the criterion of osmotic activity between the solution and a potato chip of given size or not. So, we followed a certain method and then we proven that our doubt, which was that the lower concentration of the sugar solution in the beaker the larger the mass of the potato will be, was justified. This is a hypothesis not a doubt. It looks like a doubt though. This example makes us understand the fact that we cannot extend to a point where everything important in a scientific sense is known because through with(predicate) the doubts we investigate and find everyday new things that provide us knowledge.All the above points are associated with theories that are provisionary. Provisional theories are theories t hat are accepted until we reach a point where we reject them. What leads us to the point of rejection is doubt. Moreover, it should be mentioned that similar to provisional theories is falsification. Falsification is again based on doubt. Falsification includes theories that are provisional and need justifications and evidence in order to prove the doubt or not. At that point it should be mentioned an example of Paradigm shift which means that many established theories that were doubted have been revised. Paradigm shift is a term used by Thomas Kuhn to describe a change in basic assumptions deep down the ruling system of science. An application of Paradigm shift can be seen in the natural sciences and is the acceptance of Charles Darwins theory of natural selection replaced Lamarckism as the mechanics for evolution.Gregory Mendel, before he demonstrated the whole issue for monohybrid crosses he doubted it and made a falsification. His theory was seen as a provisional explanation but by and by he gained evidence by crossing varieties of pea plants which had different characteristics, he demonstrated his theory which is left in the history of science as Mendels Monohybrid Crosses. In conclusion for one more time this example shows that doubt is the key to knowledge.In Mathematics like in other subjects, we built on things that we previously learned or proved. We built on maxims which are self-evident statements. We take axioms without question and from these we can use the rules of logic to work out problems. An example of an axiom is that, an odd number is a number which can be written as 2n + 1, where n is a whole number. We could not gain knowledge if we have doubt on a fundamental assumption. On the contrary both(prenominal) theorists believe that having no doubt can lead to error in some cases. They believe that a little sense of doubt can mean that someone is open-minded and can gain further knowledge. exclusively in unmixed mathematics, everything (logic, axioms, mathematical structure) is within the laws and conventions. Everything is deductively reasoned, and once something is proved, it is true no matter that space and time. Therefore, doubt in mathematics is not necessarily the key to knowledge. But again sometimes depends on how we define doubt. If we for example doubt that something in mathematics missing and trying to find it, we will certainly bring the maturation of the knowledge.One such example is Godels Incompleteness Theorem. Kurt Gdel is most famous for his second incompleteness theorem, and many people are unaware that, important as it was and is within the field of mathematical logic and beyond, this result is only the middle movement, so to speak, of a metamathematical symphony of results stretching from 1929 through 1937. These results are the Completeness Theorem the First and guerrilla Incompleteness Theorems and the consistency of the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis (GCH) and the Axiom of Choice (AC) with the other axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. The maiden incompleteness theorem states that no consistent system of axioms whose theorems can be listed by an effective procedure (essentially, a computer program) is dependent of proving all facts about the natural numbers. For any such system, there will always be statements about the natural numbers that are true, but that are improvable within the system. The second incompleteness theorem shows that if such a system is also capable of proving certain basic facts about the natural numbers, then one particular arithmetic truth the system cannot prove is the consistency of the system itself.Pythagoras theorem based on trigonometry was firstly demonstrated by Euclidis, a famous mathematician in Ancient Greece but because of his sudden death another couple doubted about the condition of the theorem and therefore they reconstructed his theory centuries after his death. This example shows us that doubt is the key to knowledge s ince the couple guided by their doubt continued the theory and therefore expanded the mathematical knowledge.Cartesian doubt is methodological. Its purpose is to use doubt as a route to certain knowledge by determination those things which could not be doubted. The fallibility of sense data in particular is a subject of Cartesian doubt. There is a debate on whether doubt in Ethics can or cannot be a key to knowledge. Critic and doubt in ethics examine our decisions in our everyday life and our actions from unavowed and personal to public and political. Sometimes doubt in ethics tries to provide us with a guide for moral decisions and generally choices. Ethical axioms are tried and true not very differently to the axioms of science. Truth is what stands the test of time. As an example, let us suppose that abortion on demand is wrong. We want to collect relevant evidence and information to test whether our belief is reasonable and valid. One way to justify our belief is to say that abortion is wrong because abortion is murder and so murder is wrong too. Of course I should demonstrate the truth of the fact that abortion and murder are wrong and therefore to suggest that abortion which is wrong is true because the baby is alive and murder occurs since the life is taken unnecessarily.The philosopher Kant has worked with Ethics and doubt and has claimed that in order to judge an act, we should first consider what principle governs the act and to imagine what would happen if someone obeyed the principle. Kant also suggests that we judge on whether the act is good not by seeing if it produced good effects but by seeing if a consistent world is produced. Moreover another point that should be mentioned on ethics and doubt is the ethical theories. Philosophers came up with theories that help a person to define morally right behaviors. One such theory is the Deontological theory which says that people have a duty to cease from actions that this duty will be determined by the nature of the action itself, therefore individuals should perform their duties regardless of the consequences, individuals have a duty to refrain from full-grown behavior and the bad behavior will be determined by the nature of the action. This theory can be applied to real-life situations where individuals have the option of doing right or wrong. The individuals should refrain from the bad behavior no matter which the consequences are.In both areas of knowledge we justify the fact that doubt is not always the key to knowledge. Actually in the second area of knowledge (mathematics), we observed that doubt can be a key to knowledge regarding to the definition that we give to doubt as a word. Therefore the starting statement of the essay, whether doubt is the key to knowledge is right but it should also be added under certain circumstances. What we would do overall is first of all not to doubt everything around us because on the one hand we gain knowledge from doubt but on th e other hand, some things are deductively reasoning and once they have been proved, they are true for all time regardless of space and time.Word Count2.079

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Internal And External Factors That Impact Organisational Business Essay

intrinsic And External Factors That Impact Organisational Business EssayEvery comp each has an unique administrational finale. Its burnish derives from its past, its present, its current quite a little, technology and physical resources and from the aims, objectives and values of those who figure in the government (Lynch 2003). In recent years there has been increasing recognition of the role that organisational stopping point plays in the formulation and implementation of firm strategies and in influencing the success of those strategies. According to Deal and Kennedy (1982) research, they also stated that organisational civilisation defines the success or failure of organisation. then, it is to a greater extent or less(prenominal)-valu commensurate to understand subtlety in an organisation as to ease organisational leader in making management last and in achieving excellences dodge. It is necessary to view strategical management from a cultural perspective becaus e successful organisational feat oft rests upon the degree of support that strategies receive from the organisations refining (Hodge 1996).Organisational CultureDefinition of Organisational burnish and its importance to strategic management.When whatever group of people live and work together for any length of time, they form and shargon beliefs about what is right and proper. They establish behaviour patterns based on their beliefs, and their actions often become matters of habit which they follow routinely. These beliefs and ways of behaving create the horticulture of the organisation. Culture is a pattern of shargond tacit assumptions that was learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and inhering integration, which has worked well enough to be considered valid in organisation and it is necessary to be taught to invigorated members as the correct way to think, perceive, and find out in relation to those problems that occur in many organisation t oday (Schein 2009). Culture also influences the selection of people for particular jobs, which in turn affects the way in which tasks are carried out and decisions are made in an organisation. With the word of organisation attention deficit disordered to the definition of culture, it can be defined as the patterns of beliefs, values and learned ways of coping with experience that energise revealed during organisations history, and which tend to be manifested in the behaviours of its members (Brown 1998). Organisational culture is the taken-for-granted assumptions and behaviours that make spirit of peoples organisational context and it contributes to how groups of people respond and behave in relation to issue they face. It means that culture has important influences on the development of organisational strategy. Strong organisational cultures are important strategic asset as it is the heart of all strategy creation and implementation. In the early 1980s, Berry (1983) mentioned that by using culture, organisations could become much strategically importive. In order to support this statement, the popular global online book-seller known as, use their culture which described as intensely customer-focused to drives their organisational strategy creation by focusing more on intensive training of each individual employee as these could reinforce the culture. As the result of using their culture and become more strategically solutionive, todays has become one of the most successful online shop worldwide (Bezos 2007). Moreover, an effective strategic leader should understand and shape the culture of organisation in order that vision can be pursued and intended strategic implemented. This is something that leading of Apple Inc. have applied, by leveraging their culture of innovation toward crop as well as internal processes they have been able to survive among their competitors as well as venture into new and profitable markets. In situa tion that in third quarter of 2012, Apple Inc. has made more than $35 billion r in timeue as this determine their success in technology manufacturing (Fekete 2001). Moreover, organisational culture is dependent on the leaders much(prenominal) as particular individuals. For example, organisational culture of the body shop conjunction is based on the commitment of their founder, Anita Roddick, to explicate only surroundingsally friendly products (McGuire 2009). Through her commitment, nowadays The Body Shop has grown and prospers to become large and international stage businesses. From all examples above, it shows us the connection in the midst of culture and strategy of an organisation is necessary in order to understand roles of culture that affect the creation and implementation of strategy in an organisation.Key characteristics of culture in an organisation.There are some key characteristics of culture in an organisation. Firstly, culture can be shaped by people as employee s genius and experience create the culture of an organisation. For example, if most of employees are very outgoing, the culture in the organisation likely to be open and sociable. The early(a) characteristics are culture is negotiated this is because culture cannot be created by only individual person. Employees must try to variety show the work environment, the direction, the way work is performed, or the manner in which decisions are made within the general norms of the workplace. Its difficulty to change is another characteristic of organisational culture (Heathfield 2012). Changing in culture require people to change their behaviours. It is often hard for people to unlearn their old way of doing things, and to start performing the new behaviours consistently. It takes time and effort to change the culture in an organisation particularly in firms with sozzled culture. Older strong culture organisations have established stories, use symbols, conduct rituals and even use their own language. In this type of strong culture organisations, the core values are widely shared, respected and protected. However, according to Beamish (2008) research, he argued that culture is not static. He mentioned although a strong culture is extremely resistant to change but culture is not static. Once a culture is established in an organisation, it tends to be reinforced by the types of leaders chosen, by the selection, induction and training processes, by the systems, procedures and structures, and by the statements and communications of senior leaders about the way things are done around organisation. In addition, overtime, the environment changes, new technologies develop, new social norms occur, and new competitors emerge, cultures will evolve to match these developments (Beamish 2008). For example, as new technology developed, CEO of General Electronic (GE), Jack Welch develop new strategy, aimed at getting the various businesses to embrace ele ctronic commerce as the new way of doing business and this had a significant effect on the required culture (McGuire and Rhodes 1999). Benefits of electronic commerce are cost saving, provide faster answers for customers and offer more interesting assignments for employees. Nowadays most of GEs customers are using web to track orders, sometimes right to the location of a delivery van and instantly getting details of products. The last characteristics of organizational culture is more than one culture might which means that two or more subcultures might exist in same(p) organisation. However, most of the researchers assume that there should be a single culture for the organisation (Stanford 2010). It might be true for small or extremely focused or geographically saturated organisations, but for organisations with a broad range of products, customers and geographical locations, separate subcultures are necessary. For examples, the China operation of a multinational manufacturer seekin g low-cost labor will have quite a different culture from its sales and marketing operation in Singapore and Australia, where the company is trying to present an up-market image. Therefore it is important for an organisation to have appropriate cultures in each unit and to be able to coordinate these cultures for the benefit of the organisation as a whole. inside and external factors that impact organisational culture.Organisational culture is subjective by several factors which affect its development, performance and growth. Organisational culture originates and keeps evolving from the dynamics of the interaction between internal and external factors (Wilson and Bates 2003). Internal factors consist of organisations values, leadership style and structure (Kwamme 2010). Values in an organisation determine the inner culture of each individual employee. Moreover, managerial focus and leadership style has known as the contributor of shaping organisational culture as it could preserve an innovative and creative culture in an organisation. Healthy organisational structure includes procedures, expectations and policies are likely for employee to be motivated, more efficient and creative that could influence the culture in an organisation. On the other, external factors that affect organisational culture, includes business relationships, technology, laws and policies (Kwamme 2010). Business relationships have a great impact on employees behaviour and the culture in an organisation. For instance, if an organisation has association with a further business and that business is based on senior graduate(prenominal) school prospects, staff may react in their working as the reason of those full(prenominal) prospects. As the result of todays technology advancement, it could lead to changing in culture of an organisation particularly with an increasing interaction between human and machine. Furthermore, technological creating competitive organisational culture as it reduc es face-to-face interaction between human. Lastly, organisational regulations, policies and external work related acts significantly influences organisational culture, for example employee who work in organisation that performs a strict work to rule policy, they exhibit characteristics such as do things as they are told, less passionate about their job and refuse to be creative, thus it could directly change the whole culture in an organisation. This combination of internal and external factors will influence the organisations culture and have an effect on interpersonal relations. What is important is to be aware of it and to take account of how plans to develop the organisation may be affected by and affect its culture (Wilson and Bates 2003).Organisational cultures and organisations performanceStudies of Peter and Waterman (1982) stated that high-performance organisations usually have strong organisational culture. A strong culture will help to align the elements required for effe ctive implementation. Each organisation in same industry requires different business strategies. distinct strategies require different cultures. Clearly, the culture of the organisation exigencys to be matched to the business strategy of the organisation. The issue is to align the culture with the strategy, not to seek some holy man culture. There are some views on the relationship between organisational cultures on organisations performance. The most common one known as strong-culture thesis, that assumed the commitment of employees and managers to the same set of values, beliefs and norms will have positive results that directly correlated with the level of profits in a company (Dess 2008). It is possible that success brings about a common set of orientations, beliefs and values. This culture may be more than just a by-product of high performances, but values and meanings may reproduce a successful organisation and thus contribute to performances. Since the cultural values are observable and measurable, it can be compared directly between organisations, employees and organisational performance. Recently, employee engagement has become a key measure of peoples commitment to the organisational culture and high scores have been think to high organisational performance. For example, Italian eye ware and eye care company Luxottica improved its employee engagement and achieved improved performance. This company found that employees in its Australian and New Zealand operation of total 6500 people were disengaged and 56% of them did not understand the business strategy. However after employee engagement program was constructed which include understanding the culture of the organisation, Luxottica has achieved 15% of improvement in engagement, 30% reduction in recruitment be and an 8% reduction in turnover (Story 2009). Many business leaders are convinced that culture does have a substantial influence on performance. Therefore, when an organisation performs cons istently at their capability, the outcome is not only improved strategic success but also an organisational culture permeated with a spirit of high organisational performance.Organisational culture influence on strategyBecause of its crucial role in organisation performance, it is necessary to examine the relationship between culture and strategy because panorama of success will be higher if there is a close incident fit between culture and strategy. Organisational cultures should be accompanied by any changes in strategy of organisation otherwise the strategy is probably failed. In other hand, if supportive cultural arrangement is supported by right strategy, most likely the strategy will be succeeding (Montanari, Morgan and Bracker 1990). The taken-for-granted character of culture makes it centrally important in relation to strategy and the management of strategy. George Davis (2010), the founder of fit out retailers Next and GIVe, sees culture as central to management. He added that culture is the thing that makes us do things and stops us doing things. There are benefits in the taken-for-granted nature of culture. Josephine Dumont (2010) supported this view and stated that because of all employees take as given the way the firm operates, it reduces the need for constant supervision. The stronger the fit between culture and strategy, the less managers have to depend on policies, rules and procedures, which means that lesser supervision needed to enforce what people should and should not do. There are then benefits to the taken-for-granted aspect of culture. Moreover, a positive culture might influence in achieving strategy in an organisation. For example, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is the second largest financial institution in the world which comprises of more than 10,000 offices in eighty countries. HSBC has their own unique and effective culture as part of its strategic management. One of the known radiation patterns within the HSBC organisational culture is its regard for work-ethic endorsement. This practice involves the careful screening of employees with the necessary skills and high potential for improvement. Through this culture, the HSBC are able to create an effective workforce that is determined to succeed and is highly pull to work. It believes that when employees are highly committed with their job and always do their very best, it could help in achieving strategy and plan in an organisation. Business strategies of HSBC are to add revenue growth, developing brand strategy further, improving productivity and admiting the companys prudent risk management and strong financial position (HSBC 2011).According to appendix 1, it shows the effect of culture in an organisation to strategy development. In the situation of declining performance of an organisation, managers or leaders need to improve the implementation of existing strategy such as trying to lower cost, improve efficacy, tighten controls or improve accepted way of doing things. If this not effective, a change of strategy may occur, even so change in line with the existing culture. For example, when there are attempts to change highly bureaucratic organisations to be customer-oriented so there is a need to change a cultures of an organisation. However, some employees do not readily to accept the cultural change in an organisation as they are used to the culture they had before. hoi polloi prefer the familiar and typical culture as to minimise uncertainty or ambiguity in the organisation.The connection between success and culture may seem obvious as successful business is the result of successful achievement of a good strategy, and therefore culture is all about execution (Stanford 2010). Strategy can be effectively implemented only when an organisations culture is both strong (consistent) and healthy (employees are engaged and committed, customers are satisfied and other stakeholders are included in organisational discussions). Appendix 2 summarises the link between the two through the case of Southern Airlines. They believe that the link between strategy and its culture are the one of the reasons that makes this organisation become successful. The culture in an organisation is strong as there is consistency of what people see, hear and feel about it and employees are clear of how things are done and are willing and able to help the airline achieve its goals. Furthermore, their business strategy is good includes stint and addressing short-term and longer-term goals and they are clearly articulated. As the result of the strong culture and good strategy, Southern Airlines has reached their business success in airline industry. The CEO of south-east Airline, Gary Kelly (2009) added that strong culture contributes to business success and is instrumental in some of the strategic decision of the organisation.Organisational Culture and strategic DecisionNowadays, terms of strategic is used more o ften in its broader sense, including strategic decision. There are some important key elements of strategic decisions that are related primarily to the organisations ability to add value and compete in market place (Lynch 2003). This include making sustainable decisions that can be maintained over time, it must be able to delivers sustainable competitive advantages over its actual or potential competitors, it has to exploit the many linkages that exist between the organisation and its environment and lastly it must have the ability to move the organisation forward a significant way beyond the current environment. Therefore, it is the responsibility of strategic decision maker to reach and maintain key elements of good strategic decision to an organisation. It is important to a strategic decision maker to make decisions by considering the different cultures, agencies, agendas, personalities and desires in an organisation (Guillot 2003). Strategic decision makers must not only be awar e of the culture within an organisation, but they must also work to shape an organisations culture to help achieve its objectives. If an organisation needs to improve the publics perception of its customer service, then strategic decision makers must steer the organizations culture so it promotes or encourages high achievement in customer service activities. Changing an organisations culture helps guard against unethical or illegal behaviour by members of the organization. Organisational culture directly affects how the members of the organisation view and interact with the environment the organisation operates in, including their interactions with the general public. For example, Howard Levin, President and CEO of Digicon Electronics, he took the time to understand the company as an organisation and he even undertook the benchmarking the companys culture against companies with reportedly effective business culture and not just in that industry. Every operational improvement and new strategic decisions he undertook was linked to the new culture that he was building for the company. He was determined that the company would have a culture that would support enlightened leadership. Over time, the student of culture became the teacher as Digicon became an industry leader (Want 2006).ConclusionIn conclusion, this academic essay has explored the role of culture in the overall scheme of organisation in terms of strategic management. An organisational culture is observable and powerful force in organizational that can influence the development and change of organizational strategy. Culture and strategic management of the organisation are closely tied together. Adjustment in one often signals the need for changes in the other. Therefore, strategic system approach emphasizes the need for alignment between culture and all other aspects of the organisation. It is important for organisation to have creative and learning organization in order to improve companys efficiency and effectiveness, as well as being the source of inspiration on changing and improving organisation. Moreover, it is a power and beneficial potential when culture and organisations performance well integrated in a set of effective values, beliefs and behaviours with the purpose of achieving organisations systems since cultural values are observable and measureable through stakeholders (organization, employees and organizational performance). In addition, a chance of success will be higher in organization if there is a close incident fit between culture and strategy. When culture has clear values, beliefs and behaviours and it connects to the vision, objectives and strategic, it will encourage to the right behaviours and actions on supporting the strategy. Therefore, with understanding of organisational culture, strategic leader will be able to make a wiser decision by means adapting with external environment on strategy formulation and encourage and leads his/her people on strategy implementation.