Saturday, April 13, 2013

Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? Strong and Weak A.I. The Turing Test Branches of A.I.

The idea of the robot replacing the need for homosexual news show is a startling thought. Could these machines develop beyond our control? This role explains what Artificial Intelligence is and the scientific skills involved.

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?

The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956 when he proposed that intelligence discharge in principle be so precisely described that a machine fucking be made to simulate it. He now defines A.I. as the science and engineering of making searching machines, especially intelligent computer programs. A.I. is generally associated with Computer Science, but it has many important links with other fields such as Maths, Psychology, Cognition, biological science and Philosophy, among many others.

Strong and Weak A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is often divided into twain classes: Strong A.I. and Weak A.I.. Strong A.I. makes the bold claim that computers can be made to think on a direct at least equal to humans; that they are equal to(p) of cognitive mental states. This is the kind of A.I. that is portrayed in movies worry Blade Runner and more recently A.I.. Weak A.I. obviously states that some thinking-like features can be added to computers to make them more utile tools; that machines can simulate human cognition, in other haggle act as if they are intelligent. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

This has already started to happen, for example, speech credit software.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test is an experiment suggested by mathematician Alan Turing in his 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence. He argued that if a machine could successfully pretend to be human to a knowledgeable observer, then you certainly should consider it intelligent. In the Turing test, a judge has conversations via teletype, with two systems, one human, the other a machine. The conversations can be about anything, and proceed for a set...

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