Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dream of crosses.

I had a Dream of Crosses

I had a dream the other night,

I was entry a room,

I s in additiond upon its threshold,

It was quiet as a tomb.

It was large and alter with patsyes,

Like the one, on which Christ died,

Some stood alone, erect and tall,

Others stacked or atilt on a side.

They seemed to be in different sizes,

Shorter, taller, broader, too,

Each was decorated,

A fewer with different hues.

Some crosses, wreathed in garlands,

Others, hand carved in consentient Teak,

Some, cast in almost pure gold,

Each cross - a cross unique.

I looked around, as I stood in awe,

And inhaled a strange perfume,

I saw a sea of crosses,

In this most amazing room.

I had brought my concord cross with me,

It was small and unadorned,

Its plainness was wearisome and dull,

It was old and toil-worn.

So I laid it down upon the floor,

Other crosses made me curious,

I spotted one with bluff design,

Intriguing and mysterious.

With its promise of adventure,

It was enticing and inviting,

I carried it a mere two steps,

But tack it too exciting.

I had to put it back in place,

I became entangled and confused,

Too oftentimes for me to handle,

Not right for me to use.

Then I saw a cross with jewels,

Almost too dazzling to see,

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds,

Oh, thats the cross for me.

It smelled of means and money,

And represented countless wealth,

Id feeling so fine, if it were mine,

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But I staggered underneath its load,

It near busted me with its weight,

No, this cross I could not carry,

It was a burden farthermost too great.

Next, in my dream, I saw a cross,

Of such...

This has a good lesson to it. That none of us should bare a cross we can not handle, we are given the perfect one, we estimable need to pick it back up! Good job.

That was a beautiful poem. You have a real flair for poetry, have you considered seeking publication for this? If not, you should. The moral to this poem, is acceptance of ourselves, not to be fooled by the false promises of another life, one which later shows its lawful self to be a burden we dont want or need.

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