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Haiti And Sierra Leone

Running Head Haiti and Sierra Le star Crisis and development

Haiti And Sierra Le one
Crisis and Development
Joseph Hubert
Dr Lippard
straggler University

Haiti and Sierra Leone argon cardinal of the nearly Well-known countrys in this world. precisely their renown in the media hasnt bring forth from events that were good. Most of the their notoriety has been given to them because of the misfortunes that these two countrys has suffered. When you hear of the two countrys, you dont hear of the great lives the people who hold up them ar living, instead you hear of the slave trades, government corruption, the vile quality of tender-hearted rights,and most of all the destitution. Its a shame to admit but these be the things that film these countries what they argon. Which is basically the vanquish of what is suppose to be two great countrys. Instead they are fragile stated, poverty stricken with little to no human rights.

Haiti and Sierra Leone have more in common consequently a person with a naked eye would know. But by just looking into their stories a little deeper could make the similarities more apparent. Take for instance the poverty that both of these countrys are facing. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Although the tribulations that both of these countrys face come from different aspects and or things that are taking place in the two, they are still one in the same. Take for instance the poverty rate in the two developing countrys. In both Haiti and Sierra Leone the poverty rate is astounding and shows no sign of getting fall apart in the near future. Then theres the Human rights issue, which has also wedge both Haiti and Sierra Leone. These are just two of the facts that one could use to relate the two. Within the two there are also nearly differences.

For years Haiti has been going through some of the pugnacious things imaginable to man, or woman for that matter. The total scope of Haiti is 27,750 square(p) kilometers (10,714 sq mi), and

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