Friday, April 5, 2013

In the film Rabbit Proof Fence, We, as the viewer, are positioned to see Mr Neville as a mostly unsympathetic character. How has the director, Phillip Noyce used various techniques to achieve this?

In the film ?Rabbit Proof Fence?, the character A.O. Neville is portray as a mostly unsympathetic character. The director, Phillip Noyce used the technique of camera angles to develop Neville?s character as in truth authoritative and controlling of the other characters in the movie. The sullentrack, particularly the sound effects, are also used to develop Neville?s character. He is shown to be truly(prenominal) isolated from the suffering of Aborigines and only have-to doe with for rules and regulations. The lighting and saturation in both his office (where he is seen most of the time) and whilst making a presentation, are used in the film to demonstrate Neville?s attitudes and beliefs. Finally, the editing of scenes contrasts Neville?s actions and orders with those that he affects, creating a controlling, heartless character. However, despite all of this, he is not entirely unsympathetic. Neville believes that he is doing the right thing for the Aboriginal people. He is well-meaning and simply doesn?t understand. It is the way he acts upon these beliefs that contract him an unsympathetic character.

Noyce makes Neville appear genuinely powerful and authoritative by means of his use of close-up and tilted-up camera angles. In the scenes where the viewers are introduced to Neville, he is shown sitting at his desk, going over paperwork with a very stern expression on his hardiness. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

The camera is tilted up towards him, giving and impression of being very tall and imposing. As he reads through papers in a very serious manner, the camera is a very close to his face. His face fills the screen as he reads, making him appear very officious and dominating. Through these shots, the viewer is positioned to see Neville as a very harsh, cold and controlling person.

Furthermore, at the Moore River settlement, Neville is depicted checking the colour of the skin...

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