Friday, April 12, 2013


Industry is a huge part of the Statesn Society. Industry vie a major part in improving the American economy and creating job opportunities. At the start of industrialization, there were to a greater extent goods and more than inventions put on to make the goods faster and cheaper. Not either aspect of profession and industry was good or congenial in todays standards, but although there were some vetos, the positives outweighed them. Without industry America would not be as wealthy and as coercive as it is.

As more businesses developed, there were some negative aspects such as unhealthy and dangerous environments, long hours and depressed wages, and child labor. With these dangerous and unhealthy environments people had a high chance of getting hurt or poisoned by nephrotoxic fumes released by machines. Long hours and first wages made factory workers tired and they did not amaze much shift time. As long and as hard as they worked, they had low wages which were hard to live on so they had to have there children work to make extra money to underpin the family. Children also had a high danger of getting killed in the factory. Although there were some negative things about industry, there were more positives that outweighed them. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

For example, there were inventions made to make products not spoil and others to make things cheaper, business owners went from rags to riches, and book writers, like Horatio Alger, got wealthy off penning books about business giants who went from rags to riches and their lucky breaks.

One business giant was Gustavus Swift who started a meat packing material company. well-nigh inventions such as the refrigerated railroad cars helped Swifts meat packing company grow. Another industrialist was Andrew Carnegie; to make his steel very inexpensively Andrew Carnegie used a process called the Bessemer process to save money.

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