Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Teachers vs. Teachers

Dear editor of the school newspaper,

I recently perceive that the principal decided to use distance education for some(prenominal) classes because the teachers retired. I absolutely disagree with the principals decision. employ distance education will cause assimilators not to have a bun in the oven attention and fool around, if the scholarly persons have any researchs we wont be able to ask and also a pre-recorded register may not match the speed at which students hold at.
Firstly, one of main jobs of a teacher is to make accredited the students are pay attention and they stay under control. If thither is no teacher but a TV try out then students will very likely stop compensable attention to what is being done on the monitor and parachute fooling around. Did you know when a teacher is not paying attention to the kids 1 out of every 10 kids return asleep? They know that the teacher is not watching and they do whatever they want. So if there is no teacher in a room the classroom will be make sense full mayhem and thats not right, we go to school to direct not to joke around with our friends and text.
Secondly, if there is a pre-recorded tape measure and a student has a question how will the student be able to ask? The monitor croupenot hear us. sooner of asking the question will be forgotten and come test time it will cause the student to retire points.

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I have experienced this myself. Anytime I have a question I raise my hand to ask it and if the teacher acknowledges it I ask the question and my confusion goes away. However if I raise my hand and the teacher doesnt call on me then I almost always for situate my question which hurts my grade in the future. A monitor will handicap students from asking questions and questions are very important to a student success.
Lastly, a teacher knows what class is more advanced and can handle the lesson at a quicker speed and understands it more. A teacher also knows which class needs to go at a slower pace and needs a flyspeck bit more time on the lesson. If a tape is being played for the class then it...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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