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Reasons for Australian Federation

Question: Outline the main reasons for union. What was the main reason?

fusion happened in 1901 when the hexad separate Australian colonies came together to form what is now the majority rule of Australia. It occurred for more reasons including: to unite the defence of Australia; to snitch uniform brim laws; taxes and tariffs resulting in separate trade and communication between states; and to put option the White Australia form _or_ system of government into practise. Federation came about with the aid of many semipolitical leaders, federation lobby groups, many drafts of the constitution and the passel of Australia, through a series of conventions held in different colonies.

One of the draw reasons for Federation was to unite Australias defence. Each individual states defence strong point was not strong enough to protect Australias vast coastline from attack. It thereof made good sense to unite the defence low one command.

As well as aiding in Australias defence, Federation would make uniform the different bank laws, taxes and tariffs, making it easier to trade, travel and choke between states. It would also change railway-track sizes so they were identical everywhere, allowing state to stay on the same train instead of changing at separately states border. In addition, Federation would also rectify Australias economy by forming better trade laws, such as free trade between states.

Furthermore, many people believed a Federated Australia would help to make a White Australia constitution possible, by toughening immigration laws. Some colonies were opposed to this policy as they used foreign labour, which was often much cheaper than local labour. An usage of this is Queensland, which employed Kanakas. Under the new constitution, not solo the Kanakas, scarce also the much-feared Chinese, who came to Australia during the gold rush, would not be allowed into Australia. Thus Federation would eliminate unwanted foreigners, providing more employment for Australians.

The first enter suggestion that Australia should become a Federation was in 1846. In 1863, the first of 83 Intercolonial conferences was held in Melbourne. These conferences consisted of chooseed delegates from each habituation coming together to discuss various issues concerning Federation. They were to be the biggest impart factor to Australia becoming a Federation.

Federation Lobby groups also back up the idea of Federation. In 1871, one of the most significant Federation groups The Australian Natives Association was formed. It was made up of white, Australian-born men. It later changed its unwrap to The Australasian Federation League. It can be seen that these groups had a major influence in creating a Federated Australia.

Not only did conferences and lobby groups support federation, but political also compete a large role. Eighteen years after the ANA was formed, in 1889, the premier of NSW, Sir Henry Parkes, called for a convention on Federation. This speech, The Tenterfield harangue, sparked more conventions. Soon afterwards, The National Australasian Convention was held in Sydney. Here, parliamentary delegates agreed on the name The Commonwealth of Australia and a draft constitution was drawn up. So, political leaders greatly aided the do by of Federation. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

A series of peoples conventions followed the Tenterfield Oration. They took into account the thoughts and ideas of every mean solar day Australians, and increase the popularity of Federation amongst Australians. The first of the peoples conventions was held in 1893 in Corowa, NSW. Its purpose was to elect representatives to write the new constitution. Since these conventions involved everyday Australians, it is apparent that continuous people helped Australia become a Federation as well.

Throughout the process of Federation, many drafts of the constitution were made, until 1900, when Australian delegates travelled to London to be present when the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act was passed by the British Parliament. Finally, on January 1st 1901, The Commonwealth of Australia came into existence. Hence the sixsome colonies became six states. Without drafts of the constitution, a good final constitution would not kick in been made and it would not have been passed by the British Parliament.

The colonies get together together in order to put the White Australia Policy into practise, to unite their defence and to make uniform bank laws, taxes and tariffs, providing better trade and communication between colonies. Australia became federated with the help of political leaders, federation lobby groups, many drafts of the constitution and every day people. The process took place through many conventions involving elected delegates from each state.

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