Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recklessness in the Odyssey

Odysseus? overdeveloped pride and arrogance led him to act recklessly in Book Nine of the Odyssey. This caused unfortunate scenarios for both Odysseus and his men.

Odysseus had a chaw of pride. This is shown when he states that he is ?known to the world? and that his fame ?has reached the skies? ? book 9 line 21-22This is the pride that he has of his name, which leads to his questionable judgment. He regarded as a great hero and that makes him believe that his decisions cannot be wrong. It is actually interesting that in the Greek culture where reputation is so significant, it is the very thing that leads to his damaging behavior.

Odysseus shows recklessness throughout the novel. quite of continuing his journey, Odysseus wanted to explore the mainland, the Land of the daphnia. Once he arrived at the cave, Odysseus wants to gain hospitality of the owner. His questionable judgment lies here. He does not know if the ,inhabitants are civilized or caring, nonetheless, he makes an uniformed, risky decision. He even expresses this: ?what are they ? violent savage, wide-open? or friendly to strangers, god-fearing men?? book 9 lines 195-196Later on, subsequently Odysseus cleverly defeated the Cyclops, which evidently put him in an even higher state of pride. He taunted Polyphemus long after he had been utterly defeated. Then he went on to revealed his genuine identity to the CyclopsHe suffered the horrible consequences of his impulsive decisions and actions. Several of his men died dire deaths. Their limbs were torn and then they were eaten by a monster. When he instigates the blind giant, he almost ends the lives of his entire crew because the Cyclops hurls a boulder at the boat. Even though it misses, the aftermath of its disperse almost pushed them...

I disagree with a great deal of this essay, because it is found on a number of premises that cannot be supported. angiotensin converting enzyme of the most serious mistakes is this writers failure to understand one of the for the first time concepts of antiquated Greek culture: the duty to give shelter to the stranger. Contrast the recognize that Odysseus gets from Polyphemus with that he gets from King Alcinous. Or the greeting that Odysseus or Telemachus get from many of the people that they visit.

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The duty to win hospitality is so deeply ingrained in the ancient Greek culture that the Greek words for stranger and leaf node are almost synonymous.

Polyphemous may have been a Cyclops rather than a human, but in holding the greeks prisoners and cleanup position and eating them, he violates some of the most basic rules of decency that the Greeks could imagine.

As far as Odysseus pride in his own fame, in saying that he is known to the world, he is doing nothing more than than acknowledging what he knows. When the Greeks decided to attack Troy, they insisted on having Odysseus. Throughout The Iliad, Odysseus provides vital insights into how to deal with problems. It is Odysseus who first confronts Agamemnon and tells him that he has been reckless in insult Achilles. It is Odysseus whom the Greeks send to try to calm the anger of Achilles. (It is eventually Odysseus who comes up with the critical ploy of the Trojan horse!) And how many another(prenominal) Greeks can call on the gors and fel reasonably confident that they lead receive a response?

This writer would relegate Odysseus to the ranks of the reckless. I think the Odyssey has survived to remain one of the great monuments of world books not because of Odysseus recklessnes but because of his well-earned fame among gods and men.

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