Friday, April 5, 2013

Should tobacco companies be held responsible and liable for costs associated with lung cancer and other smoking-related illnesses?

What would a socially responsible tobacco company attend to like? It could certainly not be defined as such if it did not address the harm its products cause. It would be engaged in research and development seeking to develop slight harmful versions of it product that would remain acceptable to its customers.

It would have a clear code of conduct about how it seeks to market its products and to whom it would indicate to tackle corruption and smuggling. It would ensure tobacco farmers worked in cracking conditions. (Baker, p1)

As recently as 1994, the companies chief executive officers all swore originally Congress that they did not know that green goddess caused disease or believe it was addictive. Their scientists and lawyers knew and had been telling them so for decades.

The industrys campaign of coordinated contrivance dates back nearly 50 years. In January 1954, after epidemiological research indicted smoking as a cause of lung cancer, a cabal of industry executives published the now infamous point-blank Statement to Cigarette Smokers in more than 400 US newspapers. The frank statement said, among other things, We accept an interest in peoples health as a basic responsibility, paramount to every(prenominal) other consideration in our business. ... We always have and always will cooperate closely with those whose task it is to safeguard the familiar health .... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

We are pledging aid and assistance to the research causal agent into all phases of tobacco use and health?. This solemn freight was intended from day 1 to build a faccade shadow which the industry could hide as it continued to challenge the scientific evidence, call for more research, and characterize the relationship between smoking and disease as controversial.? The profits from its death-dealing product were simply in addition great for the industry to honor its published commitment. (Warner, p897).


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