Tuesday, April 2, 2013


1.)The people residing within the pecks of Appalachia are accustomed to their own slip of subtlety and ways. Although, they are in the same region as us it seems that they may as well be from a different planet. Their values regarding heart are so some(prenominal) different than everyone else Ive ever come into contact with. Their non worldly-minded culture, such as language is different from most another(prenominal) parts of the US. The major(ip)ity give way no education, resulting in the inability to communicate with others properly. Most of them cannot read nor write and acquire the recitation level of a third grader. As for materialistic heathen ways, they typically value things such as pills or narcotics. Since unemployment and leanness is in abundance throughout Appalachia, then they must breakthrough ways to survive. Dealing drugs is a way for them to survive. Education is not valued. Dental hygienics is not valued. Children are undereducated and guide to go through great lengths to even attend school. exile to and from school isnt as available to them as it is to us. They have to walk several miles in order to catch a bus in the freezing cold or they repair to sleeping in their cars in nearby parking lots. Children as well as adults throughout this area have major dental issues.

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Since they are poor, they cannot afford purified water or take out at the store. Instead, they purchase sugary drinks such as mountain dew which rots their teeth but is a lot cheaper. Their dental hygiene is also considered a social norm. Its normal for everyone at that place to have rotted teeth or no teeth at all. We dont see their ways of alert as normal. When seeing the way these people live, we experience culture shock. Education as well as hygiene is of import to us. Watching the video made me uneasy, as I motto children living in squalor. We experience ethnocentrism, we see our way of life as right and theirs as wrong. We see ourselves as the top-hole culture because we value education. In our culture, it is expected to...If you want to hire a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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