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LaRonda Braxton
December 15, 2010

Human Biology
The Endocrine System
1. What is the function of the internal secretion remains? Relates the function of the human body to maintain homeostasis enable body parts to communicate with each other. (Secretes homeostasis).
2. Comp argon and contrast the tense and endocrinal systems. Endocrine take longer its pokey than nervous system. In contrast to the nervous system in which neuron release neurotransmitter, moles into synapse.
3. What is a hormone? Substances secreted by endocrine secreter and transported into the derivation.
4. How are hormones classified?
1. Protein made amino acids
2. steroid hormone made from fat
5. What are the two types of hormones receptor?
1. External progress receptor ( membrane receptor)
2. Internal receptor (steroid)
6. Discuss the visualize of hormone secretion.
1. Some endocrine gland secretes hormones in solution to releasing hormones.
2. Other glands secrete their hormones in response to nerve impulse.
3. Some glands response to level of substance in the blood stream.
7. Where is the pituitary gland? Discuss its connection with the Hypothalamus. Pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain it is the pituitary shank attaches it to the hypothalamus.
8. How is the pituitary gland divided?

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Anterior lobe
2. Posterior lobe
9. What are the six major hormones of the adenohypophysis? Anterior pituitary hormones
1. ACTH- adrenal corticotrophin
2. TSH- Thyroid- stimulating hormones
3. FSH- Follicle-stimulating hormones
4. LH- Luteinizing hormones
5. GH- Growth hormones
6. RRL- Polactin
10. What are some disorders associated with excess or deficiency in GH? Growth hormones deficiency too dwarfish GH in pituitary tumor and too much GH.
11. What are tropic hormones? Hormones that regulate the activity of several of other endocrine gland.
12. What are the hormones of the posterior pituitary?
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