Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To His Coy Mistress By Andrew Marvell

Poetry Analysis

Andrew Marvells To his Coy Mistress

In reading, and analyzing this poem, I found some really interesting points that Marvell brought up. I believe that the main point that he was trying to convey is that life is very short, so spot we are present with each other (him and his respect) allow us procreate, and sword love in accordance with what we were put here to do. When you read this poem, you mend the sense that he is being coquettish with the reader, which also makes the reader think that he was being sexy with the mistress in order to convince her to copulate.

As we read by the body of the poem, we discover many flatteries that Marvell is using on the lady, much(prenominal) as Nor would I love at lower judge suggesting that this lady is worth every ounce of attention that he is giving her, And into ashes all my lust suggesting that if she were to let him make love to her, all of his lust would be slaked so to speak.

In the pull round part of the poem, Marvell suggests to the reader, and the mistress that he is going in for the kill, or he is going to take this ladys virginity from her. The sequence at once let us sport while we may, And now, like amorous birds of quarry suggests that he is concluding his offering by saying in a more tasteful way, lets sport sex, I make lusted after you since day one, and now this man is going to have his way.

In conclusion, Marvell basically says, look, time is devouring us, its gonna be now or never, Im starting to become disinterested, you say you want to wait, but we cant make time stand still, nor...

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Youre right in your analysis of the poem. Andrew Marvells communicate is not shocking by todays standards but would have been design daring when the poem was written in the 1600s. Were fortunate that costly poetry withstands the test of time.

You are spot on with your interpretation. Now you have to admire the speakers honesty, no false promises of later join for him!

I would have liked to read a elfin more on the poetic form of this poem.

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