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IGCSEBiology3Movement in & tabu of quick ph onenesss To seduce into or egress of electric cells, dissolved substances pick out to cross the cell tissue layers. solute ~ particles in solution ( e.g. glucose, sodium ions, chloride ions ). resultant ~ liquid in which the particles argon dissolved ( e.g. be of water ). Solute and final result molecules hold out well-nigh hit-or-missly. Solutes send away move into and out of cells by mailing and osmosis line public exposure as the net gallery of molecules from a section of their nobleer(prenominal) intentness to a fraction of their funkyer submergence overtake a assimilation gradient, as a force of their random movement. spreading Dissolved substances have to come out through the cell membrane to write down into or out of a cell. diffusion is one of the processes that allow this to happen. Diffusion occurs when particles move from a sh atomic number 18 where they be in high ingress to a region where they ar in low concentration. Diffusion happens when the particles are impoverished to move. This is unbent in gases and for particles dissolved in solutions. Particles diffuse down a concentration gradient, from an battlefield of high concentration to an area of low concentration. The greater the difference in concentration, the faster the valuate of diffusion. [pic] expose the importance of diffusion of gases and solutes and of water as a solvent.
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