Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Synthesis of Asprin

SYNTHESIS of ASPIRIN PURPOSE: In this sample is to obtain acetylsalicylic acetous. acetylsalicylic acid is prompt by acetyl turn back ind salicylic acid I a process called esterification. Esterification is the reception of the carboxyl mathematical group (-COOH) group, and the -OH group to form a carboxyl ate ester group. In this case the source of the -OH group is the phenolic -OH machine-accessible to the crime syndicate of the salicylic acid. The acetyl group comes from acetic acid anhydride, and the response is catalyzed by phosphoric acid. Recrystalization is used in a abstruse upshot of ethanol and water to better the crude aspirin. liquescent mastermind determines the relative honor of obtained aspirin. STRUCTURE equivalence for the SYNTHESIS of ASPRIN: PRODECURE: Refer to the Mohrig Lab-book p. 41-49 RESULTS: Amount of methyl Salicylate = 1.008 g Amount of acetic anhydride = 2.0 ml Mass of aspirin = 0.425 g Melting commit shed = 115- 122 0C OBSERVATIONS: % Yield of acetylsalicylic acid = [actual award/ theoretical yield] x 100 Mass of Obtained Aspirin = 0.425 g % Yield of Aspirin = [0.425 / 1.008] x 100 = 42.16 % Aspirin was obtained in a 42.16 % Yield from salicylic acid. comparatively virtuous white crystals of Aspirin were obtained. The purity was tested with melt range. CHEMICALS utilise: ACETYLSALICYLIC sexually transmitted disease (ASPIRIN): Molecular Formula: C9H8O4 Molecular lading: 180.154 Melting pose: 135-136 0C Boiling predict: 1400C SALICYLIC ACID: Molecular Formula: C7H6O3 Molecular weight down: 138.1226 engrossment: 1.44 Vapor Density: 4.
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8 Melting header: 158- 162 0C Boiling localize: 2110C at 20 mmHg ACETIC ANHYDRIDE: Molecular Formula: C4H6O3 Molecular charge: 102.088 Density: 1.075 g/ml Melting office: -73.1 0C Boiling Point: 139.50C ACETIC ACID: Molecular Formula: C2H4O2 Molecular Weight: 60.052 Density: 1.0497 g/ml Melting Point:16.6 0C Boiling Point: 117.9 0C CONCLUSION: Salicylic acid was converted into acetylsalicylic acid - Aspirin, which was obtained in 42.16 %... Too hard you didnt embarrass the experimental procedure. (Mohrig Lab-book?) It would have concerned me to read how aspirin is produced in a research science laboratory. early(a) than that, a solid lab report. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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