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Be sure you know the root words and their meanings auspicate and pull back the three junction tissue layers represent in a muscular tissue: These layers allow split to move on their own and also provide and genus Ara for blood vessels and jumpiness to move through. oEpimysium: The epimysium closely surrounds skeletal muscles. oPerimysium: This co- slide byrence tissue divides muscle tissue into little segments. oEndomysium: This is a dilute covering that houses bundles of muscle fibers called fascicles. Define: antagonist, synergist, elevation mover oSynergist: a muscle that assists the swear out of a prime mover oAntagonist: A muscle that act in opposition to a prime mover oPrime Mover: muscle primarily responsible for producing an action List the various ways that muscles are named. Give a specific shell for each(prenominal) way. oLocation: An example of this would be the obicularis oris, because oris means mouth. o manufacture: The trapezius is named b ecause it is similar to the shape of a trapezoid bone in certain perspectives. oSize: The pectoralis major is a commodious muscle, and major is a word used to describe its full-size size. oDirection of Fibers: The rectus abdominus is named for the direction of fibers. Rectus means straight, and the fibers pass vertically straight up and down. oNumber of Origins: The procedure of origins can also affect the name. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Two examples would be the biceps brachii and the triceps brachii. oOrigin and Insertion: An example of this would be the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which is committed to two the mastoid process and the ste rnum. oAction: An example of this would be! the adductor group, which adducts the thigh. Be able to describe in detail the three types of muscles. Be sure to know each of the following characteristics: function, location, number of nuclei, front man of striation, and voluntary vs. involuntary o bony: Function-movement of bones at joints; maintenance of posture Striated Multinucleate Voluntary Location-Skeletal...If you want to occur a full essay, order it on our website:

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