Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Art Institute of Chicago

When I went to the workmanry Institute of bread in that location was so untold to take in and so much to whole step at. I honestly did not fuck where to look first or what to observe first. A cumulus of the arts were authentically intrigue and really fascinating to look at. There was a kettle of fish of diversity and obviously at that place argon tons of polar perfected techniques all in spite of appearance this Art Institute and it was really cool to see in person. It was cool seeing the striking lion out in front of the Institute, I choose seen that lion before precisely I never knew what it was in front of. The inside of the Art Institute was massive and it was really pretty inside and everything was laid out in a specific way. Everything seemed to be grouped by their cultures and societies and you could see the large difference between the variant cultures. The different wings of the mental synthesis held artifacts from different time periods which I found i nteresting. There was a floor that had all the modern-day maculations of art and modern art. I also noticed that there was a lot of graphic light in the structure due to the many windows. every of the art was really spaced out and there is a lot of floor manner to move in.\nMy favorite gather that I picked out is a painting by have Wood and the piece is called American Gothic. Its a pictorial matter of a man and a woman who seem to be farmers and they atomic number 18 wearing habilitate that look worry they ar from the 20s. The woman is looking in the distance or at something and the man is looking groovy forward. We really cannot tell what they are thinking or impression in this piece. Maybe the artist who made this piece cherished to meet their own person-to-person typeface through their reputation and feelings that they tried to portray in this piece. Maybe this work is meant to represent us two farmers who do not necessary like farming? I prescribe this be cause looking/seeing this piece we can observe that they are not smiling. The man and the woman have no expression and its hard to portray their feeling..

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