Friday, April 5, 2013

Symbolism In "Run Lola Run"

In the take aim, Run Lola Run, there argon many antithetic symbols, etc that are used. Each symbol represents obstacles and situations that the main characters have to conquer. With divulge these, the impression would be incomplete.

        Love is a very main vox of this film. It is basically all based on love. The love that Lola and Manni function is unconditional. As it is why they will go to such uttermost(a) measures for each other. The idea of love is first introduced in the showtime scene where Lola is on the phone with Manni. He wants her to somehow breakthrough 100,000 marks within 20 minutes. This being almost impossible, Manni says to Lola, I thought you said love can do everything? He seems to think that love is not strong enough to come through him. Although Lola, the stronger of the two, believes that the power of their love will help them. This is shown in her termination and power that she has to help Manni.

        The colour scheme in this film is also very symbolic. The colour red is used a good deal thought the film. Red can represent love, warmth and security. Lolas bright, red hair, the telephone, the ambulance, the plastic bag, and the background colours of many scenes are examples of where red can be prepare.

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Running for her live as well as Mannis. Her running represents her power and determination that she has to save him. She tries to remain calm. Also, whenever something seems to be out of control, Lola uses a high pitch scream. This scream may charge up other people, but it helps her gain control and feels relaxed in the situation.

        The good turn 20 is contently used in different ways passim Run Lola Run. Lola has 20 minutes...

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