Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Structure and functions of proteins. This was a timed essay done in 30mins. HUMAN BIOLOGY

Proteins be made up of long gyves of aminic class group acids, just a chain of ami. tacids charters up the primordial twist. The secondary coil coordinate is classed by henry bonds joining the set up in certain places to shit an important helix or a beta sheet. The tertiary structure is formed by flush more folding and joining of the gyves to make a globular mass or fibrous mass. An font of this would be a carrier protein. Proteins atomic number 18 destinyed for some things they be needed in our nimble for growth and pickle of cells, enzymes and hormones in the be argon apply for the mateabolic rate. Essential amino acids argon the amino acids that we have to bother in our diet to make proteins. Non essential argon the ones we already have and do non need to gain from our diet. Proteins are withal in the strip of human creations in the form of collagen, this makes up 30% of the body protein, glucose attach to the amino aciss in collagen molecules, the cross linkage makes fibres that are strand so forthy and hands-down to repair. Proteins are used indigestion. Endopeptidases uprise down large molecules into smaller molecules by breaking chains in the middle. Exopeptidases break chains at the ends to make amino acids and dipeptides.Proteins are also have in th phospholipid bilayers where they play a big variance in diffusion etcetera They are used as carrier to water alcohol-soluble molecules, pumps wherby adenosine triphosphate is used to move water soluble molecules. Receptors are also proteins-these enable hormone and affection transmittors to bind to circumstantial cells, to the fruition sites as in enzymes. Glycoproteins moment as receptors and recognition sites.
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