Monday, October 7, 2013

5 Questions, Each Question Must Be Answered In 2 Pages, Total Of 10 Pages, Q/a Is Based On The Book:living Religions By Mary Pat Fisher

1 . Present five themes that you cogitate atomic identification number 18 prerequisite to exclusively religions around the sphere . excuse your reasons for each , and imple ment examples of how they argon found in issueual practice . as well explain the primary functions that religion provides for inn What bet to be five essential themes to either major(ip) religions in the world be the following : 1 ) All major religions gravel world views , 2 ) a stamp in a supreme macrocosm or a higher(prenominal) being , 3 ) both devour sacred texts 4 ) all puddle rituals , and 5 ) all religions seek to utilise mean and nominate to populace s lifeThe world views of Christianity , Judaism , and Islam are principally concerned with the popular opinion that there is whiz supreme immortal who is origin , which is all power ful and all knowing . connect to this , these cardinal major religions espouse life after(prenominal) death as a reunion with the creator . In contrast , Confucianism and Taoism are more inclined towards the social interactions of man with one an some other(prenominal) on earth , showing that how we treat our fellow men allow for dictate our peace of mind and in society to boot , Hinduism and Buddhism share the world view of attaining the highest spiritual get downstairs ones skin , that one is reborn again and again until one attains nirvana or liberation from the cycle of samsaraAll major religions a kindred turn over in a higher being than untarnished man the Jews put one across Yahweh , the Christians their matinee idol , The Muslims their Allah Confucians and Taoists their belief in their Emperor as appointed by matinee idol , Hinduism its many gods including Brahman , and the Buddhists belief in the holy reputation of BuddhaAll religions also curb codify modes o f conduct and behavior as reflected in their! sacred texts . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The Jews be in possession of the Torah , the Christians the Holy Bible , the Muslims the volume , the Chinese have Confucius analecta , and Lao Tzu s Tao Te Ching , the Hindus have their Vedas , and the Buddhists their Tripitaka and other sutras that contain the teachings of BuddhaLikewise , all religions have their own rituals . The Christians celebrate their Christmas and celebrate the Eucharist , the Muslims have the Ramadan and their pilgrimage to Mecca , the Jews have their Shabbat and Passover . For Confucians , their rituals are fully integrated in their society - it is the etiquette of the dynasties . Taoism on the other hand still has the baibai , the act of bowing towards an altar , with a stick of incense in hand among other practices like calligraphy and I Ching The Hindus have their Puja or worship , and Buddhists have their meditation and spiritual exercisesAnd finally , all religions fill a void in a human s heart . the great unwashed turn to religions for an answer nigh their purpose here on earth . Religions supply a reason for man to believe and replace existential fretting with hope . Thus , in all the religions we find a theme of salvation , or a life after death , or a purpose for being on earth either to serve God , attain nirvana on earth , or be instrument to the emperor...If you sine qua non to get a full essay, hallow it on our website:

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