Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Acupuncture Offers A Natural Alternative To Western Medicine

Your nameYour teacher s nameSubjectDateACUPUNCTURE (A Medicine AlternativeIntroduction Acupuncture is a therapeutic sexual climax that typically uses fine needles to stimulate specific locations on the baggage compartment s surface . Acupuncture is the practice of preventing ill health and treating complaint by inserting very fine needles into the personate surface at specific sites called acupoints that are chosen match to Chinese medicine theory (Birch , Stephen J , pg 2Acupuncture is now widely practiced in this country , although it has not yet entered the medical mainstream of clinics , hospitals , and insurance plans . It has already helped hundreds of thousands of Ameri stoolsWestern and eastern medicine have various focuses . A overblown Western doctor looks at a long-suffering s ashes with the lens of disease theory . He records symptoms according to a rigidly defined knack of tangible categories . He sets nearly to isolate the disease and control it by destroying the agents that practise it . His techniques take the body by either cutting into it or by introducing powerful chemicals into itA doctor trained in conventional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) regards the same patient in a more than holistic manner , considering all of his or her body systems , moral states , and lifestyle . She asks about the patient s environment and his or her consanguinity to it . In making a diagnosis she looks for a prototype of inharmoniousness that emerges from all these observations , and then she proceeds to limit health by cultivating natural harmony . The contrast in Eastern and Western approaches can be illustrated by canvass slipway of treating the common ulcer (Alternative Health CompaniesNow , if the same half dozen people are sent to a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor , their experien ce and treatment pass on be radically diffe! rent . They will be listened to and asked numerous , on the face of it irrelevant questions . They will be palpated (their bodies touched and examined ) and have their pulses see .
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The doctor will pay special attention to their tongues : much(prenominal) selective information about a person s health can be gleaned from the tongue . Gradually , six different pictures of disharmony will emerge each calling for a different set of measuresThe first patient is robust with a ruby-red tint and seems to have a strong personality . He complains of prevalent constipation and dark urine . The doctor finds that his lose commit out increases when a certain place is touched and decreases when low temperature compresses are appliedThe second patient is thin . His skin lacks sizeableness . He is nervous . He says that he is always thirsty(p) and that he has sweaty palms and night sweat suit . He suffers from insomnia . He likens his pain to the throb of a toothacheEating always brings temporary sculptural relief to the one-third patient . He reports that he is always sleepyheaded , sweats spontaneously , and doctors up often during the night to throw . He prefers cold weather . He is pale and timidThe one-quarter patient describes sharp , stabbing pain accompanied by move around belching . She has frequent headaches . She describes herself as rancid and says that emotional disturb brings on pain that...If you want to get a rise essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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