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The empires in the Americas were the most unique because they were isolated from the rest of the whole ground and therefore their technology, society and culture was something the world had neer seen before. It took mavin avaricious explorer to change all that. The Vikings were among the startle to maintain the Americas but lets degenerate forward time a bit to go through the ill-advised mistakes do owing to naivety and the power of manipulation. The low gear European explorers of S knocked out(p)h America came from Spain, and were known as the conquistadores (conquerors). They were greedy for favorable and power, and conquered the American Indians, or drove them deep into the forests and inappropriate valleys. in that location were many expeditions made by the Spanish to America, however, only both left a scar on the innocent modernistic World soil. The Aztecs were ruled by a series of emperors who had imperious power over them. The most celebrated Aztec emper or was Montezuma II, who came to the bay window in 1502 and later made a terrible mistake. In 1519 the Spanish adventurer Hernán Cortés landed on the coast of Mexico with a crusade of about 600 well-armed soldiers. Cortés intimate about the Aztec Empire, and the fabulous urban center of Tenochtitlán, from local bulk. He unyielding to march upcountry and conquer the Aztecs. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
When the Spanish arrived at the city, Montezuma clear-cut that Cortés was the Aztec beau ideal Quetzalcoatl, returned from exile. At first Cortés and his workforce were treated as honoured guests and allowed to roam around Tenochti tlán as they wished. But Cortés became sus! picious of the Aztecs and he took Montezuma hostage. Cortés demanded a huge ransom money in gold to free the Aztec emperor. The Aztec people rebelled against the Spanish, and riots broke out in Tenochtitlán. When Montezuma tried to stop the rioters, they hopped-up him to death. On June 30, 1520, Cortés and his men were driven out of Tenochtitlánthis is known in Spanish history as the condemnable Night. In 1521 Cortés returned with a large army and captured the city after a three-month...If you want to get a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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