Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Western Civilization

The Five tenets of Islam , which are also regarded as the main apparitional duties of Muslims are (1 ) public witness or testimony that ` there is no god but God , and Mohammed is his Prophet (2 ) formal prayers or worship five times a day (3 ) the carry of alms or tithes (4 ) the fast by day throughout the calendar month of Ramadan (5 ) the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a man s heartFrom Arabia , the young Muslim state expand all told over the Middle East through triumph and struggle . It was motivated and justified partly by religious inspiration and ideals , and partly by greed and politics . The coevals of the Moslem trust was in collaboration with military blowup , where the inhabitants of conquered territories were born-again to IslamThe impact of the Muslim invasions for the development of horse opera hous e europium was rattling(a) , especially after the Crusades . Economically , they helped relieved Europe of a surplus population and brought into circulation wealth that otherwise would take on been go forth in hoards Commercially , it enabled many Westerners to blend in familiar with eastern luxuries , and helped create a slap-up enquire for such goods in spite of appearance Europe European tastes were broadened and European life became , in a material awareness , richer .
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To attain the impudently luxuries fast adequate neccessities people were obligate to work harder , and the pace of European life quicke nedSocially , the vigorous new economic acti! vity , partially promoted to the Crusades , change the third body politic , or middle class , and thereby helped undermine the mastery of Europe s warrior aristocracyCulturally , it brought about a great increase in Europe s geographical knowledge .The enamor of the East was unadorned in the design and architecture of Western castles built , especially for defensive purposes .A far more strong culturalexchange between Christianity and Islam occured on the Spanish and Sicilian frontiersReferenceBBC ( 2007 , imposing 11 . BBC- Religion and Ethics- earliest rise of Islam After Muhammed s death .Retrieved solemn 12 , 2007 , HYPERLINK hypertext broadcast protocol / vane .bbc .co .uk /religion /religions /islam /history /earlyrise_2 .shtml http /www .bbc .co .uk /religion /religions /islam /history /earlyrise_2 .shtmlMedieval Islamic History . Retrieved August 12 , 2007http /www .historyforkids .org /learn /islam /history /history .htm paginate 2...If you want to exit a ful l essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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