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TO : Gary Ho over , General ManagerFROM : Name , Travel AgentDATE : November 14 , 2006SUBJECT : fill out client services for redundant taxI open researched and found that besides near of our clients range from middle to high income lasters . Despite their purchase supply , it has become a trend for them to choose cheaper f bes and accommodations that are sanely and practical . In lieu of maintaining our clients and increasing our revenue from them , I would handle to suggest renovating our Austin headquarters into a live resource for corporate clients . The operate resource midriff would be a venue for travelers to get selective information and price of admission to travel destinations in their chore and leisure tripsWe rearProvide information on general business enterprise destinations in and out of USMarket videos and sound recording cd courses in Spanish , French , German , Nipponese and other languagesIntroduce the Travelfest draw of travel products like luggage , maps travel guides , and electronics-all aimed at the business travelerProvide com sheder terminals where onsite customers can browse the net income to check notes exchange rates , weather reports and valuable information rough their destinationAllot an area to display trivial information about cultures and business practices around the worldThese initiatives are aimed at getting additional income as well as rouse the interest of view clients . one time we get their attention travel agents , like me , can bear them travel-management services for their conveniencelet me know if you would like to have a clashing so I can notwithstanding discuss these suggestionsTO : Morgan bread , Regional managerSan Diego County rational Health Services1700 pacific Highway , San Diego , CA 92186FRO M : Name , Assistant to the Program Di! rector , Thanks-A-BunchDATE : November 14 , 2006SUBJECT : salve Thanks-A-Bunch ProgramMore than 400 psychiatric patients have graduated the Thanks-A-Bunch Program . The broadcast helps former patients get back to arch in a off the hook(predicate)r environment where people understand their circumscribed needs . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
origin patients in the program have created a harmonious work setting that tries to eliminate fear and juice up other patients that in that location is life after rehabilitationWith its supremacy , the program has become the simulate of rehabilitation centers all over the country , a gazump we share with you at San Diego County Mental Health Services . For without your keep support Thanks-A-Bunch Program ordain not be possibleWith this , we at Thanks-A-Bunch ask your continued monetary assistance so we can continue reaching to psychiatric patients . The patients deserve a casualty to belong someplace safe and fulfilling after treatment TO : Jonas T . Phidias , Senior ManagerFROM : Name , ArchitectDATE : November 14 , 2006SUBJECT : Nap RoomSince 2005 , it has been a work trend for corporate offices to put up slumber live . Working with Phidias Associates for many eld now has been a fulfillment and a challenge for me . save the previous days of travail a rush logical argument for one of our top clients do me aspire for a nap room to relax and cure my strength for 15 minutesAccording to professor William A . Anthony of Rehabilitation counsel at Boston University...If you necessitate to get a in full essay, order it on our website: Order!

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