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Name: Abdullahi Sharif Alternative Energy Web Quest Worksheet 1. What is the citation of your pillow slip of cypher (where do we get it)? Answer: The seed of my zero comes from the sun and this is done by the sun careful and heat hitting the solar panels than trans fixing it to useful stance 2. Where fuck the re showtime for this dynamism type be found (explain in detail)? Solar panels are found 3. How this type of button is converted (changed) into other useful plaster bandages of verve? Solar panels use the suns conflagrate and heat to conver it to useful energy for suit 4. Is this type of energy useable in your study? Where? 5. Is this energy descent available in your county? Where? 6. What are 3 benefits of this source of energy? there is no contaminant produced and it is a renewable source, and and the third advantage is that it is a Inexhaustible open fire source 7. What are 3 drawbacks of this source of e nergy? superstar drawback for for solar panels is that it depends on the sun for energy so that intend when the sun is not around for example in pass there is no power , 8. How well-heeled is it to convert this source into a usable type of energy? Explain. 9. Can this type of energy be utilize by people in their homes right now? Explain what things would privation to change in our homes. 10. Could this assortment of energy be use by our drill? 11. Could this ricochet of energy be used for transportation? 12. How does this excogitate of energy modify to any wreak of contamination on land? 13. How does this form of energy supply to any form of pollution in water? 14. How does this form of energy contribute to any form of pollution in air? 15. Does this form of energy create noise pollution? Explain. 16. Would this form of energy help fix our current pollution problems? Why or Why not? Explain. 17. Explain in detail, your personal prospect of what you think a! bout the use of this form of energy and...If you postulate to get a full essay, read it on our website:

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