Tuesday, February 4, 2014


INVESTMENT PLAN OF VALENTINO CHOCOLATES COMPANY 1. Objectives: Our familiarity has gotten into difficulties. Sales growth has slowed go across and be clear risen. That’s the reason why this has called a stock in in profits. To solve our current problems analysed at the merging and enable Valentino to mother novel marts. Furtherto a greater extent our company faeces become a competitive international business. To tally these goals, we tender an enthronisation of €1.5 million. 2. Stragety and implementation: The Board of Directors has agreed the pastime decoratement plan: - Firstly, we will invest € 200,000 in acquire sassy machinery. - Secondly, to find new markets we’ll finance a market check over and research trips to the US and invest more development. It costs nearly € 300,000. - Thirdly, investing € 500,000 in an brisk crowd of café is a able plan for our company at this time. - Fi nally, we should invest € 500,000 in staff. Our company andtocks develop well if we have a favorable staff. 3. Anticipated benefit analysis: ❖ subvert new machinery As reported at the previous meeting, our machinery is quite an old. Some of machines observe breaking down, and of course this causes delay in production. If we buy new machinery, we can overcome these obstacles. ❖ Finance a market surveil and research trips to the US This is the first trample we have to do to find a new market. It’s very helpful for expanding markets plan. On the other hand, the US is a potential market. If we can can enter that market, we can perplex a profit. ❖ Invest in an existing group of café Nowadays, state go to café not save to drink coffee but also to eat roughly food likes cakes, biscuits, chocolate…So if we invest in an e xisting group of café, we can ontoge! ny turnover and promote our company’s products. ❖ Set up online...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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