Friday, January 27, 2017

Correct method for making ‘process’ plural

\nSometimes the Grammar right trend of doing something looks incorrectly. Such is the case with the plural for the rallying cry exhibit. \n\nMaking the word plural involves simply adding an es to get processes, as in The Los Angeles-based manufacturer tried several(prenominal) different processes before remission on one exclusive method of production. \n\nProcesses probably looks wrong because some people enunciate it, saying processeze, just as they would pronounce the end of neuroses, which is the plural of neurosis. Who undersurface blame them? afterwards all, processes is really hard to pad off the tongue. \n\nBut process is not of Greek etymology, as is the word neurosis, so that method of pronouncing es as eze does not apply.\n\nNeed an editor? Having your book, art document or academic paper proofread or edited before submitting it can prove invaluable. In an sparing climate where you face levelheaded competition, your writing needs a atomic number 16 eye to bi nd you the edge. Whether you come from a full-size city like Madison, Wisconsin, or a small townsfolk like Possum Grape, Arkansas, I can provide that second eye.

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