Monday, January 9, 2017

Odysseus - An Epic Hero?

My definition of a literary epic milling machinery is a character who is clever, brave, and a neat fighter. In the epic rime The Odyssey, the main character, Odysseus, fits this definition perfectly. Odysseus is improbably clever, like in the case The Cyclops. He is also brave. The chance Sailing from troy weight showed that. Finally, the occurrence called Odysseuss Revenge proves that he is a strong fighter. Odysseus layabout be considered an epic hero because he has some of the characteristics infallible to be unity.\nIn the chronological succession The Cyclops, Odysseus is shown having the epic distinction of cleverness. Odysseus and his men were sailing home from fighting in the Trojan War, when a sudden wind and authentic change sent them dark course. After fighting the Cicones on the island Ismarus and being tempted by sleep-inducing white lotus flowers, they happen upon themselves landed on the beaches of the Island of Cyclopes. They go to explore ones cave, but they ask trapped. To escape, Odysseus gets the Cyclops drunk, and then stabs his eye so that hes blinded. Then, Odysseus and his men hide below the Cyclops sheep. The poem says, I tied them silently together, twining cord of willow from the ogres bed, then slung a earthly concern under each center of attention one to ride in that respect safely, shielded on the go forth and right. So three sheep could impart each man (378-392). This report worked well because the Cyclops couldnt put one over them, he depended on his earshot and sense of touch to find them in case they correct to escape. This was very clever because, since theyre underneath the sheep, though, he cannot hear or feel them passing by him. Now they have a perfect escape way back to the ship. This proves that Odysseus is very clever. Hes not completely clever, though, but also incredibly brave.\nThe episode Sailing from Troy proved that Odysseus had another trait of an epic hero: bravery. In this episod e, he and his men had sound won the Trojan War, and were on their way...

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