Wednesday, January 16, 2019

“A Stranger in the Village” by Baldwin

crazy in the Village by James Baldwin is about authors experience in a small village situated in Switzerland. Baldwin writes that he is discolor and because of his track he villagers find him different and, thus, fascinating. He says that villagers have never seen a black man from all open evidence no black man had ever set find fault.Therefore, they are curious about his color of a skin and it is interest for them to find out whether black man can ever gag off. Baldwin admits that small children are afraid of him because a black man for them was something interchangeable to devil. Actually, Baldwin is treated as an exotic rarity, though Baldwin thinks that the difference between sportsmanlikes and blacks doesnt exist in American society. He doesnt want to be regarded as rarity instead he wants to be treated evenly as tender being.The author often refers to emotions when writing about conflicts which seem in the Swiss village. In particular, these emotions are outrage and astonishment.In such a way, the author in his essay contrasts his experience of being a black man offering an insightful critique of the history of American race relations What ones imagination makes of other people is dictated, of course, by the laws of ones own personality and it is one of the ironies of black- discolour relations that, by means of what the white man imagines the black man to be, the black man is enabled to know who the white man is.The author says that an air of racism will be eternally present in society, because he was called le sale negre behind his back. Furthermore, he was accused of stealing wood. Because of such treatment, Baldwin feels undeniable rage toward the villagers.Misconception of his complexion leads to misconception of his human credibility and results in perceiving as a living wonder. contempt the fact that people try to eliminate racism in American society, racial discrimination is still alive in smaller towns and villages. He concludes that no one enjoys being considered an alien.

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