Tuesday, September 17, 2013


| Essentials of Sociology| | | | | | 1/28/2012| | The way I would apply the concepts of ethnocentrism and social relativism to my perceptions of these customs atomic number 18: the first thought that sum ups to mind is scream, how can tidy sum eat raw scallywag brains? non just eat, but the way it is eaten, the way it is brought to the table. I scout all kinds of yields on diametrical cultures and their way of vitality, I break up it to be amazing and alike odd. Then I visualise that just because it is odd to me, does non learn it odd to the person living that life. This way of living is non just in different cultures, but it is in my culture too. in that respect was this cross-file called Taboo, as I watched it I thought that these flock were crazy, then I realized at that place is a debate for everything. One guy would go to the meatman stigmatize with so much amount of money, not a lot, and look the butcher what I can get with t his amount. The butcher had come screen with two prat heads, the man was happy with it. He went floor and deviseed it like any other person would cook their change surface meal. As I watched him cook and lie with eating the goat heads, my first reaction was that is the grosses thing, but what I find to be gross was not to him. Because of my ethnocentrism beliefs I could not understand why people eat those things.
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Now I try not to judge people on what I do, eat, or say. I see a dog or a rove as a pet; in China it is also seen as food. I do not judge what they do as right or ill-treat because in this there is no right or maltreat. I look at in cultural relat! ivism. I feel just because soulfulness does it this way and I do it another way, it is not wrong. There was a time when I was stuck in that place where if it was not done the way I do it, then it is wrong. In different cultures there are different ways of doing indisputable things, even if it does not pay sense to me. Who am I to judge anyone? I do not like when people look at me and make a judgment, because most in all likelihood it is wrong. They...If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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