Monday, September 9, 2013

The Value Of Philososphy

The shelter of school of thoughtThesis Statement : According to Russell , the value of philosophical dust is that it frees our intellectual to hold of some other possibilities unlike consciousness which may go forth us definite answers , just does non peck with other aspects of kind-hearted soulRussell described practical men as individuals who single recognize material needs for the body , hitherto not goods for the mind where the value of doctrine can be open . Russell is pertaining to the knowledge that can be achieved finished the force field of doctrine . This knowledge is different from what wisdom can theme or tell . Science can come through definite answers , but school of thought may not . Although , philosophy can deal with incredulitys with no definite answers ADDIN EN .CITE Russell11112Bertrand RussellChapter XV : The Value of Philosophy200717 Septemberhttp /skepdic .com /russell .html (RussellPhilosophy has suspicion in answering questions , but it allows for more(prenominal) consideration of the question , its importance , and ex operates the limitations of what atomic outlet 18 already answered by science and because of this disbelief , we queue up the value of philosophy ADDIN EN .CITE Russell11112Bertrand RussellChapter XV : The Value of Philosophy200717 Septemberhttp /skepdic .com /russell .html (Russell . given over all the definite answers we have and needed , we tend not to raise questions , doubts , or judge of other possibilities but with philosophy or through philosophizing , we are fitting to think of other possible consequences or problems that may trick up . Our thoughts are freed and liberated . i!   s a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It increases are knowledge through the reducing of dogmatism because dogmatism reduces ability to reason and expand in learningLife with philosophy is free unlike a manners that is attain by the world because we are limited and controlled . We just draw back back what is given and live a life that we think is unexceptionable , a life that is dictated . The value of philosophy is that it helps us in finding the true meaning of life and not just living life as it is . With science , we are bound by its limitations , limitations to answer all our questions then proving that science has weakness too or that it may not provide complete answers . On the other hand , philosophy allows human mind for more speculation of how things are and on how things exit beREFERENCEADDIN EN .REFLIST Russell , B . Chapter XV : The Val ue of Philosophy Retrieved 17 September , 2007 , fromhttp /skepdic .com /russell .html THE VALUE OF PHILOSOPHY rascal PAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 2...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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