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Is Family Involvement A Link To Easing The Transition From Pre-kindergarten To Kindergarten

Family Involvement : A Link to Easing the Transition from Pre-Kindergarten to KindergartenOver the broad time , the number of fryren joining aboriginal churlhood programs such as pre-kindergarten classes and churl awe centers has increased thereof , the renewal from pre hold to kindergarten has been a concern of countless parents and educators of young baberen . The transition whitethorn burn down a mix of emotions for the fry and the parents . The small fry may determine delighted to feed on to something revolutionary while , at the same time , they may tang anxiety all over leaving the teachers and friends they made for something unknown quantity . On the other dig , the transition could cause parents to be concerned on how their baby bird will cope with and conciliate to the change and how this would affect th eir billet as parents . Seeing erudition as a regular process , this transition is an meaning(a) phase for the kidskin and for those touch him or her , especially the family and the educators . harmonise to Shore (1998 , cited in Bohan-Baker , 2004 primaeval cognitive gains fade as babyren get older and move on to primary grades . This could be attributed to the significant differences between the social occasion of parents , the organization of classroom , and the teaching style in previous(predicate) childhood programs and childlike schools (O Brien , 1991 cited in Bohan-Baker , 2004 . In addition , when the rules routines , gentle wind , or philosophy is dramatically different from preschool and child care settings , the child may experience difficulty in adjusting (Shore , 1998 cited in Bohan-Baker , 2004 . Hence , the transition from preschool to kindergarten has been identified as a bouncy maturemental milestone for children and their families (McIntyre et al , 2007Family elaborateness has been agnized ! as a well-established transition practice (Bohan-Baker , 2004 . Numerous studies , professional organizations , and sumptuous educators have tonic the critical role of parental take for and underscored the importance of family involvement in the school hitment of children (Boyer , 1991 Powell 1989 Swick , 1994 cited in Barbour , 1998 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In early childhood , family involvement should focus on educational activities to move on the child s success in school (Weiss et al , 2006 . When parents designate to their child at home , the child is likely to recognize the alphabet letters faster (Nord et al , 1999 cited in Weiss et al , 2006 . In addition , teaching children how to spell words at home is related to a child s ability to point the relationship between the letter and the expression sounds (Haney Hill , 2004 cited in Weiss et al , 2006 Nurturing a warm and reactive relationship with their child and participating in child-centered activities contribute to a positive nurture outcome as well (Lamb-park et . al , 1999 cited in Weiss et al , 2006 . When parents participate in child-centered activities such as playing , the child is likely to become more fond and independent (Fantuzzo McWayne , 2002 cited in Weiss et al , 2006 . Considering the importance of family involvement to the development of a child , the family should be involved in aiding the child during the transition from preschool to kindergarten . To achieve this , Pianta , Rimm-Kauffman...If you want to get a total essay, order it on our website:

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