Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Greek Traditions And Superstitions

classical Traditions and Superstitions 1 Greek Traditions and Superstitions Bridgette Lampley ANT: 101 June mutilate November 14, 2009 Greek Traditions and Superstitions 2 Every horticulture has traditions. Traditions can range from how a holiday is celebrated to what morality is practiced. Customs and traditions in Greece and the Greek Islands atomic number 18 either of a apparitional character or coming from paganism. more or less of the traditions even celebrated today are religious. The Greek practice guild traditions, they are the Name sidereal day Celebration, Eng come alongment, Marriage, Baptism, Carnival, Clean Monday, Easter, Greek Independence daylight and the 28th of October (The No). The Greek are also very irrational people and believe a lot in religious belief but also in supernatural or paranormal phenomenon. Superstitions transform from island to island, from vill age to village and from region to region. here(predicate) are some(prenominal) of the superstitions still honored by all of the Greeks, no matter their age: Bread, The Evil Eye, Knives, Priests, Spitting, Tuesday the 13th and the expression “ recreate Kokkino.” One of the traditions the Greek celebrate is Name Day Celebration. Most of the Geeks owe their find out calling to a religious saint.
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A very important Greek tradition that takes line in the entire Greece is that everyone who has a name coming from a saint Greek Traditions and Superstitions 3 celebrated by t he church building building celebrates his n! ame on a given day of the year. On the “name day” of someone, his friends and family visit him without invitation and offer their wishes as well as small presents. In Greece, name geezerhood are much important than birthdays. Another tradition is the Engagement. It is a custom in Greece for people to engage themselves before marrying separately other. The man has to select the hand of the woman from her father. When all is concord about the wedding, the priest is...If you want to get a respectable essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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