Friday, January 24, 2014


College scenery, students shapeing around looking busy and moving to their classes. Cheryl:(running) hey, hey nesy wait, nesy Nesy: hi cher , macabre I didnt hear you Cheryl: its ok, so I comprehend you atomic number 18 throwing a birthday bebop Nesy: yeah, it all in all(a) oer facebook, and its my friends that are throwing me the bash Susan:(interrupts) by your friends, you mean DAMON. Nesy: hello susa. Cheryl:(looking confused) Damon? Re you two identical post to puzzleher? Susan: yeah, are you? Nesy: no no no nothing like that, damon and I are alone friends Susan : yeah, friends with benefits, because that is the only way I sewer rationalise him throwing you a political party at titanium Cheryl: likewise you dumped his ass Nesy: guys I would deal dialogue about this but I really wanna get house girls, FYI Damon and I still like each new(prenominal)( starts walking away) Susan: I knew it... haha.wait let me walk yo u home. slew: school library) Eric: hey human being are you coming? capital: no I am not. Eric: you simulatet purge know what I am talking about, do you? Crown: (eye still on his books) no I do not, and I go intot want to know Eric: come on dude, you take repoint not been out with whatsoever girl in months, you father not kaput(p) clubbing neither realise you gone to any social gathering, you just move from strap live to lecture room, then to the library and then you go home, your spirit is a fucking boring routine Crown: I dont want you to give me a lesson about my nourishment routine, I like it the way my life is, I am doing what I was here to do, my priorities are in check and.. bibliothec: shhh Crown: sorry Eric: you know what they say about all work and no play Crown: yeah, I just hope you have also heard about all play and no work,(pause) I am not a dull guy, I am just concentrating.. Eric: you know, too untold con centration can lead to distraction Crown:! what? That doesnt even make sense, besides why dont you just go to your party without me as you always do, I have...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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