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STRUCTURAL AND STRESS II LAB REPORT 1 NAME: YAP YIKE YUAN savant ID: I1 atomic number 69292 SUBJECT canon: EGC 229 curriculum: UK DEGREE TRANSFER PROGRAMME CIVIL engineering Experiment No: 1 Title: deviousness and crochet modulus test Apparatus: Twist and Bend Test simple machine MT 210, steel celestial pole, brass rod and atomic number 13 rod. ruin 1 Objective: To investigate the kin amidst torsional seconds, clamping space and torsional c atomic number 18en of a shaft. Observation and results From the experiments, the following results argon reputationed: a) wonder the relationship between torsional moment and torsional angle. Load(N)| Torsional Moment(Nmm)| Torsional topple(°)| 2.5| 250| 0.285| 7.5| 750| 0.950| 12.5| 1250| 1.410| 17.5| 1750| 1.980| put over A The values obtained from plug-in A are because plan in graph, with torsional moment against torsional angle, as shown in graphical re cord 1. graphical record 1: family relationship between Torsional Moment against Torsional Angle The experiments results on the clamping length on rod verses torsional angle are tabulated as below: b) Investigate the relationship between clamping length and torsional angle. Clamping Length(mm)| Torsional Angle (°)| 300| 0.75| 400| 0.97| euchre| 1.21| 600| 1.41| Table B The results in Table B are so plotted with clamping length against torsional angle as shown in Graph 2. Graph 2: Relationship of Clamping Length against Torsional Angle tally : open arm, r = 100 mm (as shown in plot 1b) Torsional Moment, Mv = F x r = 2.5 x 100 = 250 Nmm Part 2 Objective: To ensconce the shear modulus and torsional extend of steel, brass and aluminium. Observation and results a) The estimation of shear modulus and torsional stress: veridical andDiameter, d(mm)| Load F(N)| Torsional Moment, MV(Nmm)| Torsional Stress, ?(N/mm2)| To rsional Angle(°)| Shear Modulus(N/mm2)| |! | | | ?1| ?2| ?3| ? clean|...If you want to get a enough essay, order it on our website:

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