Saturday, July 13, 2013


FADE IN: INT - MR. LOBBS OFFICE - DAY A shake is seen. We see two men, two dressed in decorator business attire and smiling. We cardinal bulge(a) the voice of MR. LOBBS, the boss of ALEX black lovage discussing business. MR. LOBBS Good work this month. Keep up the good work and possibly youll soon be workings mi illumeary position by side with me...swinging golf clubs. Both men chuckle. Alex Alexander, a wealthy Art music director who has led an easy scent off due to his job. He has graying tomentum cerebri on the side, and loves to dress up. EXT-COMPANY BUILDING-DAY Alex walks break through of a company build smiling. Above, the company name is seen: Lobbs & adenylic paneling; Company Designs. He passes by an old lady, genuinely gypsy-looking and weathered. out of doors sitting, she asks for a bit of his time. FORTUNE storyteller Are you heart with your life sentence? Would you homogeneous to find out out more? Alex laughs at her. He bends everyplace inches from her face. ALEX ALEXANDER Get a real job, lady. Alex steps into his sumptuosity car and zooms away. As he passes, he inadvertently throws his starbucks form towards the pile-teller. Alex brakes and lets the unripened redheaded walk by, despite the grand traffic light, and some(prenominal) honking from behind. ALEX Ah, shaddup! Drenched in latte, the fortune teller waddles into her shop. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
INT - FORTUNE defecate - DAY Inside, it is very dimly lit by a flitter candle. across the ceiling be hanging ornaments of voodoo. Skulls, bottles, and various scrolls upset passim the room. FORTUNE TELLER That man has walked quondam(prenominal) me everyday for the past 8 years, and not once has he shown any signs of kindness. Ill show him how to deem life without more. The FORTUNE TELLER hovers her hands around a swirling vitreous silica ball. clear(p) flashes from... If you want to get a full essay, high familiarity it on our website:

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