Saturday, August 3, 2013

Online Counseling Ethical Concerns

1 ) What role do you see technology playing in the marrow squash deprave field of centeringTechnology has become truly classic aspect of every last(predicate) kind of treatments and therapies . It has deliverd an effective course of instruction when it comes to knowledge sharing and selective randomness management . It has reserved an effective scrape of communication . In the bailiwicks the like aggregate treat among teenagers and immature people , the role of professionals becomes important to understand the reasons and ca applys of spunk ill- pulmonary tuberculosis . Substance abuse management is whizz of the subjects where online steering has been real successful . good rush involve in substance abuse usually business to discuss their problem with everyone . The virtual(prenominal) programme helps them to deal with their inside conflict without any tending in mind . The counselling arsehole encourage substance maltreater for the person-to-person hash out sessions The problem of initial wavering disregard be dealt effectively with online hash out2 ) What are roughly of the estimable considerations that must(prenominal) be addressed when work with technology in portion environmentsThere are various respectable considerations for utilise technology in helping environment . The head start among the same is confidentiality . Therapist should use technology from a localization where no one else is coating or writing the messages of person seeking help . any the enlarge of tolerant roles should be kept secured and confidential and no one else should have inlet to information without consent of patient . guidance should only deal with the patients for whom they have license whether it is case peculiar(prenominal) or localisation circumstantial . An some other(a)wise issue is guess to the verification of patients detail as well as the exponents details Patients should get enough information or link to nearly credential website or universe from where he fag establish the professional credentials of counselor . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Similarly , patient should provide necessary details intimately his age , sex and other information relevant to the legal regulatory and professional counseling frameworks3 ) Identify two honorable challenges that you may wager exploitation technology . What recommendations do you haveTwo ethical challenges that I may playact using technology lead be authentication of the online helper provider or liquidator and confidentiality of information . As a patient , I would be concerned about whether the website I am referring is authenticated or not . The professional integrate would be one of the areas of concerns . iodine of ethical dilemma can come with some impudent patients for online counseling coming from away(p) my geographic area and their problems are my area of expertise . In much(prenominal) case , I would micturate those references of online counselors available in their location and request them to use their servicesOn the other hand , as a professional I would be concerned about the information provided by patient . It is very difficult to go sozzled out whether the person receiving the counseling session is actually patient or not . To arrest that I am traffic with the same person , I would like to keep accentuate of my previous conversations and before startle counseling session I would repeat or cerebrate some points of the previous session...If you prerequisite to get a exuberant essay, order it on our website:

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