Saturday, April 20, 2019

Biotechnology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Bio engineering science - Essay ExampleRecent technological advancements in the application of biotechnology suck up raised certain ethical concerns among people. Genetically engineered food has been a subject of hot debate for the historic three decades. Genetically engineered food is an application of biotechnology in agriculture which has enabled us to design and pretend plants with the desired characteristics through genetic engineering. This idea has been rejected by some and praised by others. Both parties do realize how this technology could revolutionize the world but the idea of this revolution differs. The proponents and opponents of biotechnology and its application see different futures. The idea of biotechnology is to aid human life but no one ignore guarantee whether it will be used to aid life or not. Scientists face such reproach everyday but this does not mean that they should stop doing their research. If they did so in the past then we whitethorn probably be living in miserable conditions. Technology is only a tool that has helped mankind survive through tough times. The crux of the matter is that the rewards of biotechnology do outweigh the risks associated with it.Biotechnology or Bioengineering has been accused of carrying potential threat but this does not mean that no reward comes with this threat. In fact Biotechnology does promises potential rewards whose proof erect still be observed. Risks and threats have always accompanied technology but this in no way implies that one should give up on technology as I further stated that it is our moral obligation to provide our future generations with whatever we can to help them battle the problems of the world. This can in fact be termed as a compensation for victimisation the resources of this planet for our present generation of people. Evidence of the fruits of Biotechnology has been most visible in the

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