Sunday, April 7, 2019

Stages of Demographic Transition in Spain Between 1960-2008 Essay Example for Free

Stages of Demographic Transition in Spain Between 1960-2008 EssayThis corresponds to the red square verbalize on the figure showing the demographic transition theory. At the start of the minute phase the line rate and the death rate are still high, but in this phase they will both(prenominal) decline to a lower level. The death rate starts declining earlier and it will decline faster than the nascency rate. This will result in a remarkable growth in the population size during the second phase. A important factor for the decline of the death rate is the improvement in the received of living. opposite factors for this decline were improvement in health care and in hygiene. The decline in the birth rate during the second phase of the demographic transition theory is also a result of the improvements in the standard of living and in health care. The increase in prosperity resulted in a decline of the natural fertility rate. Children were no longer needed to work in the indus trial life to help their parents instal an income, and because of the improvements in health care, children were no longer needed to take care of their parents when they were old.

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