Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Summary11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary11 - Essay ExampleThe seekers try their best that there is no negative mend of their entry into their lives so they maintain the confidentiality and the privacy of the participants tuition. The threats to the confidentiality of the data are rare but occur lots and therefore, the researchers take every possible precaution to protect the data. At the same time, they maintain agreements with the government agencies such(prenominal) as police, customs and tax agents to thwart any demand for the disclosure of information. Basically, the harm to the participant of the disclosing of the information is greater than the benefits to the society at large and therefore, poses an immense ethical issue for criminologists.Protection of the privacy of the personalized information of the participant of the criminologists research poses other threat to the ethics of the society. The benefits to the society of the research must be weighed against the harms done by the disclosure of the in formation. At times, the researchers complain that the privacy law prevents them from the active beneficial research work. The disclosure of the personal information related to homicides, sexual abuses and frauds could jeopardize the safety of the respective participants. Therefore to project the safety of these people and the researchers, the reports and all other work related to research was anonymised.Informed consent is another issue that confronts the criminologists. The participants must be provided with the lucid understanding of the research objectives and the consent process so that they are aware of all the possible interactions as well as possible dangers to them. The interests and the freedom of the participants must be protected from the researchers and that informed consent must be taken. The criminologists have the probability and the potential to affect the eudaemonia of the participants as well as their future economic interests. These researchers must try to minim ize the harm to the

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