Thursday, April 25, 2019

Computing, Society and Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Computing, gild and Ethics - Research Paper ExampleThis prevents the distortion of the correct information thus avoiding unnecessary errors during intercession which is administered by the doctor. In addition, the new hybrid robot-assisted cognitive process reduces the painful operation process and also reduces the magazine spent on one patient. Advancements in technology result to increased effects of computers to the society, thus morality should address evolving issues surrounding the use of the remote heart surgery (Duquenoy, Penny, Simon, and Barry 78).In the health sector, the remote controlled robot plays a key role in the entire process of heart disease diagnosis and treatment. It is a vital process in that it directly affects the life of other people thus the standards of its morals should be high. The remote heart surgery equipment has two parts the control console and the operating component which is the positive robot. Ethics related to the robot are used in decisi on making, which is necessary in manner of speaking the lives of patients. Written codes relating to cardiac procedures that are robot-assisted guide the doctors in the administration of proper treatment. In their research and instruction execution of new surgical equipment in the health sector, doctors should abide to the set ethics. Importantly, the remote heart surgery plays a substantial role in these discoveries thus there should be a close working race between the two ethics. The lives of patients suffering from heart disorders depend on the accuracy of the robot arm that medics enforce for treatment. Often, the robot is directly related to computers as it uses computing commands in its functioning process. This means that computing ethics have a direct effect to the society and influence enormous activities in the surgery procedure (Rosenberg 99).The remote heart surgery is an example of the intensity of computing in treating heart

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