Sunday, April 28, 2019

Managed health care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Managed wellness care - Essay Exampleher medical related problems in toll of cost are thought to be handled by Managed health care organizations, yet it has become polemic as the defined tasks are not properly done. Physicians, surgical equipment companies, pharmacies are considered for taking high be and incentives as their commission. If managed care is to be associated with health care as a compulsion, all such activities should be taken under observations so as to depict proper and adequate medical facilities to the patients, which are of relatively lower cost so that maximum number of people can benefit from it (Managed health care, Tobin 2012).No doubt managed health care provides enough benefit when the services are taken in start it prominently reduces the total cost of equipments. Moreover, when managed health care organizations provide choice amongst physicians, labs and hospitals, it also becomes highly cost reducing for them as well as for the patient. But one who thinks that limiting choice is a rotten option he/she should have more money to spend in order to consult with former(a) doctors. The delivery corpse by such organizations should be fair and cost-effective, i.e., all hospitals, physicians, nurses, Para-medical staff who are consort with managed health care organizations should be provided timely and at proper and needed place. In these areas, somehow managed health care is earning good points. But on the other hand, if the commission set by the elements of the delivery system rates too high, or they are less effective than the cost, the system starts to decline and the opponents get something to ask upon (Donohue 2008).Before managed health care was introduced, there was fee-for-service method in which doctors were paid every time they provide some service. Their services can be limitless and thus they earn a lot by this method. They themselves were the ones who decide how much to be charged for a particular service. Managed hea lth care organizations convince

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