Tuesday, April 23, 2019

HR Strategy of Brunazzi Sports Systems Research Paper

HR Strategy of Brunazzi Sports Systems - Research Paper ExampleBrunazzi Sports Systems, as core brand of Bendicco, aims to expand their manufacturing and engineering excellence worldwide by opening new organic evolution centers and manufacturing facilities abroad. The suggested location for this new venture in China. As China is a constantly growing economy, with grind cost less than other countries, therefore, strike offting up plants in China would help the organization dilute cost from various aspects. Furthermore, it would also allow Brunazzi Sports System to gain a competitive edge in the market of high- mental process exhaust systems because, at present, a number of international organizations are looking to set up their business operations in China. In order to fulfill the expansion plans, adequate strategical resourcing, reward concern strategies, performance management subfield and training, and development strategies need to be devised for the next five years. Therefo re, callable to the dynamic nature of the work environment and market Brunazzi Sports Systems to strategically resource its employees so that it not further proves to be cost-effective but also bring success to the organization. Furthermore, a proper reward management system known as the total reward will be devised in which the employees will be given compensations and benefits for the services they render to the organization. The total reward system would include both financial and non-financial rewards that would not only benefit the employees but it would also build a healthier psychological contract and a more appealing Brunazzi brand. Another significant aspect of the strategic human resource plan is the performance management of the employees. This will include the appraisal of the employees overall performance in accordance with the organizations performancestandards. Any discrepancies between both will result in the issue being right on addressed.

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