Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Guard on Religious Freedom Essay examples -- essays research papers

Persuasive Essay 1 A Guard on Religious FreedomIn the eyes of our founding fathers, few things seemed as beta as the separation of church and state. The first amendment grants all Americans the freedom to study to any religion they wish and promises that the government will not promote any religion above any other. Although the separation of church and state and the freedom of religion are firmly and concretely secured in the Constitution of the United States, events in the recent past bring to question whether this ideal is under threat of losing its place as an American standard.A recent controversy that brings to light the threat of the separation of church and state is the debate over the words matchless nation under God in the pledge of allegiance. A review of current event programs when the offense first unfolded showed few other stories as important as an attack on our separation of church and state. Although maintaining a critical eye on our rights and assuring that no t rue threats develop on hotshot of the cornerstones of the country, it is important to also keep in perspective whether a true infraction has taken place. On several American artifacts you can find a reference to God. However, taking offense to these references is counterproductive and overly sensitive. First, the God mentioned on these American artifacts is a generic God and only means that the collective A...

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