Thursday, May 2, 2019

An investment opportunity from global warming Essay

An enthronement opportunity from global warming - Essay ExampleAs mentioned beforehand, majority of the Americans and possibly people virtually the world believe that global warming is at our midst. Proof of this is the menagerie of international treaties which seek to bring forward clean technologies and reduce carbon emissions, which is considered to be a major mitigation of global warming. let us take the Kyoto Protocol as an example. This treaty is the offshoot of the UNFCCC and is the primary international agreement on combating climate change. The United States did not ratify this protocol, which probably fans the guilt that must be felt if we ar talking about the American market.Reporting for CNN Money, Chris Taylor also listed a Silicon Valley company by the name of Planktos which was bought by Vancouvers Solar Energy Ltd. for $1.3 million. The company is testing a technology that would dump grand quantities of carbon-eating phytoplankton algae in the ocean and sell the resulting credits to European countries that cant cut their carbon dioxide emissions enough to adjoin Kyoto targets. Moreover, Sustainability Advantage author Willard cited a 66% increase in profit on average for minuscule and medium-sized companies which adopted environment-minded practices due to better market share among other factors.A business investing in clean technology will be most likely successful due to two cardinal factors. First, the public policies are friendly and governments will most likely offer incentives for the business. Second, and most importantly, there is strong market share out there and the demand is not merely created.

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