Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Prejudice in Heart of Darkness: Racism is a Relative Term Essay

shopping centre of Darkness Racism is a Relative TermRacism is a relative term. While many people argue that Conrads novel, Heart of Darkness, contains the theme of racism, they tend to ignore the fact that this novel was written around the turn of the century. During this eon period it was accepted practice to think of a black man as savage because that was how the popular culture viewed the African American race. If someone called a black man savage today, that someone would be considered a racist. Of course, this turn of the century view of blacks is inexcusable but it was the accepted norm of the time. The problem is that young critics tend to apply modern thinking to all novels, including those written in a specific time period with beliefs different from today. These critics do not incorporated the context of the novel and simply rage forward with a directed, ignorant viewpoint, arguing from a more civilized stance. The exposition of a racist has changed a great deal since the early 1900s, and we must consider this when analyzing any piece of literature. The problem arises when modern thinkers assume that we must continue to build on our ever-expanding acquaintance instead of looking into the past and trying to relate to the accepted views of the time. To try to see racist tendencies in a text we need to know the definition of racism. The definition we use today is as follows A racist apprehends that th... ...), Heart of Darkness. London. Penguin Popular Classics (1994). Nationalencyklopedin 15 PAS-ROJ (1994), Engstrm, Christer (red.). Hgans. Bokfrlaget Bra Bcker. Works Consulted Cox, C. B. Conrad Heart of Darkness, Nostromo, and at a lower place Western Eyes. London Macmillan Education Ltd., 1987. Guetti, James. Heart of Darkness and the Failure of the Imagination, Sewanee Review LXXIII, No. 3 (Summer 1965), pp. 488-502. Ed. C. B. Cox. Watts, Cedric. A Preface to Conrad. Essex Longman Group UK Limited, 1993. Notes 1 Nationalencyklopedin 15 PAS- ROJ (1994), p. 431 2 Conrad, Joseph, Heart of Darkness (1902), p. 7 3 Conrad, Joseph, (1902), p.25 4 ibid, p. 73 5 ibid, p. 51

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