Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Middle East culture in business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

mediate East culture in business - Essay ExampleThis research provide begin with the statement that in this age of globalization, partnerships and outsourcing are becoming to be the model of businesses. In this deal, it is master(prenominal) to try and learn the customs and traditions of the country, one has to deal with so as not to offend the hosts. The Middle East is a very large group of diverse culture. The researcher will begin with the interchange of religion. Religion is a way life for the Muslims, and it has an important bearing when doing business with them. Muslims pray five measure a day, so sometimes, in meetings, they have to be excused. Employers should also understand that Muslim employees have to guide their workplace on Friday afternoons for the mosque. In contrast, religious practices of Christians found in the Western and Asian culture do not interfere with business because they do only go to Church on Sundays and special make and has no need to leave their places when praying. Like the Islam nations, Western faith is based on the Bible. It is not sizeable to do business with Muslims during their celebration of the holy calendar month of Ramadan because businesses are closed and they tend to spend the holidays with their families or at their holy shrine. They observe fasting from dawn to dusk and extensively engaged in their worship, so business must wait as it becomes their second priority. The month of Ramadan is observed every tenth month of the Islamic calendar. Westerns do not observe this month-long religious activity that often interferes with business.

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