Saturday, May 4, 2019

Ethics Case Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics miscue Analysis - Essay ExampleQuestion 2. The physician also should never switch spoken to Annie astir(predicate) the seriousness of her illness. This is because withholding the truth about the seriousness of Annies configuration by the physician did more than good to Annie and her family, more than revealing the whole truth to her. This is because, had Ann known that she was about to die, she would become distressed and put to work her family also distressed.The main ethical dilemma in this case is to make the choice of either or not to reveal to Annie the seriousness of her illness. Revealing the truth to Annie would have meant that the physicians and the Annies husband have acted in the honest way by telling Annie the truth the main disadvantage of telling Annie the truth, however, was that Annie would become emotionally and psychologically disturbed, and so becoming distressed and making her family also distressed. Withholding the truth, on the other hand, would ha ve meant that the physicians and Annies husband have acted in the best interests of Annie and her family because Annie would remain hopeful throughout the short head remaining in her life withholding the truth from Annie, however, would mean that the physicians and Annies husband lied to Annie, thus acting in a dishonest way towards Annie. Making a choice between these devil options is a real dilemma because each of the options has both positive and negative consequences.The main reason why I am of the view that the Physicians should never have revealed the truth to Annie about the seriousness of her illness is that the physicians ar not under any obligation to reveal the whole truth to their patients. This view is supported by Sokol when he argues that, physicians have no moral obligation to tell their patients the whole truth about their condition (2002). For that reason, therefore, the physician acted in the morally right way by not disclosing to Annie about the seriousness of her illness. Secondly,

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