Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Assignment 1: Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Tasks of HR Managers - Essay ExampleIt covers numerous areas of the human resource like recruitment, performance, and fee among others. Designing HR strategies refer to formulating ideas, which will make an organization achieve its goals (Graham, 2010). A Human Resources manager, director, or generalist plays many roles in an organization (Leatherbarrow, 2010). Basing on the size of the company, these HR jobs, might have overlapping duties. In larger organizations, the HR manager, generalist, or director has clearly defined and separate roles in HR management. These duties or responsibilities bring extra responsibility and authority in the hands of the HR manager, then the director, and eventually, the Vice President who might lead several departments such as the administration. HR managers, and occasionally HR directors, oversee numerous different departments, which are each led by specialized or functional HR staff such as the compensation manager, the training manager, or the re cruiting manager. Human Resource managers are supporters of both the company and the persons who work for the company. Therefore, a talented HR professional conveys a constant balancing performance to meet both needs productively (Martin, 2010). Therefore, HR managers should have full choice in implementing and aim HR strategy. There is an ever-present jeopardy that the idea of strategic HRM can become somewhat nebulous, meaning pleasant to have but difficult to realize. The peril of creating a rhetoric or reality gap is heightened. Broad and habitually bland statements of strategic intent can readily be created (Mayo, 2011).

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